Nov 1, 2011

UNESCO, Ashraf AbuRahmah, and more

An apartheid “judge” just allowed the Israeli occupation authorities to keep our friend Ashraf AbuRahmah in jail pending trials.  Ashraf was shot deliberately while handcuffed and blindfolded in an incident that was captured on video embarrassing the occupation forces.  Ashraf is also the brother of Jawaher and Bassem both friends of ours and both murdered by IOF in Bilin during popular nonviolent protests.  Justice is not served in an apartheid regime.

UNESCO voted to admit Palestine to full membership despite the threats and bribes of the Israeli-occupied US policy. It is clear now that the US/Israeli government (is one or two?) stand isolated in one corner and the people of the world are rising up.  Some EU Member countries voted in favor (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovenia, Spain) whilst most of the others abstained. US, Canada, Holland, Germany voted against.  Please write to your governments and to the media and give them feedback. The UN released yet another report detailing the humanitarian effect of the illegal siege of Gaza, available in several languages
It is ironic that this happened around October 29, a day with meaning for us.  It was on this day in 1948 that the massacre at Al-Duwayima Village happened (one of over 40 massacres used to facilitate the ethnic cleansing of Palestine). The testimony of an Israeli soldier who participated was quoted in Davar, 9 June 1979 (a Hebrew-language daily newspaper published in the Mandate Palestine and Israel between 1925 and 1996): "Killed between 80 to 100 Arabs, women and children. To kill the children they fractured their heads with sticks. There was not one house without corpses. The men and women of the villages were pushed into houses without food or water. Then the saboteurs came to dynamite the houses. One commander ordered a soldier to bring two women into a house he was about to blow up… Another soldier prided himself upon having raped an Arab woman before shooting her to death. Another Arab woman with her newborn baby was made to clean the place for a couple of days, and then they shot her and the baby. Educated and well-mannered commanders who were considered ‘good guys’…became base murderers, and this not in the storm of battle, but as a method of expulsion and extermination. The fewer the Arabs who remain, the better."

The date also happens to be the date of tripartite aggression on Egypt in 1956. President Eisenhower showed US leadership then by standing up to Israel.  No other president has been willing to do that since then (although some would say that President Kennedy did for a while but was then assassinated ending those efforts to curtail Israel’s nuclear weapons development). 

Join us in Palestine in December
and the Global March to Jerusalem on March 30, 2012 (GMJ)
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United States needs to reevaluate its assistance to Israel. By Walter Pincus,, The Washington Post
Watch video of mayhem at football match France Israel final score: BDS 5 - Apartheid 0!

Israeli with a conscience sentenced for 4.5 years in Jail. Whistleblower Anat Kamm passed information to Israeli paper Haaretz showing the military was not complying with Israeli supreme court ruling about using targeted assassinations. 

Palestinian Surprises

CIA agent: look at Israel’s role in pushing for a war on Iran (This is amazing that it would show on Fox.  There are clearly cracks in the Zionist iron wall)    

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