Aug 27, 2023

US Tour 2023

 Dear All

I can not begin to describe how grateful Jessie and I are for the hospitality, positive interest and support we received as we undergo a whirlwind tour of the US. 12 States (NY, CT, MA, DE, MD, VA, OH, MI, IN, AZ, CA, FL) and the DC area included some 45 talks over a little less than 5 weeks.  So many great people and organizations hosting us. Organizing events is hard work so we thank those who organized events (many events also offered attendees food so that is lots of work). We thank those who attended the events. We thank those who hosted us in their homes allowing us to disrupt their lives and making us feel at home. We thank those who donated money and resources (in kind donations). We love you all. For those who could not come or are so inclined, we would love to get your support. Go to or Below are selected photos from some of our activities. And here is a partial list of groups and entities that hosted us

Middle East Crisis Committee; Palestinian Museum-Woodbridge, WESPAC-NY, Community Church of Boston , Jewish Voice for Peace, Indiana Center for Middle East Peace, Smithsonian Institution, Purdue University, Arizona Palestine Group, United Methodist Church, Jerusalem Fund, Bethlehem University Foundation, Rotary Clubs in several states, WSLR, KPFK, UC Berkeley among many others.