May 14, 2020

Survey results

THANK YOU ALL WHO FILLED THE SURVEY. I tallied the 628 surveys (about the posts) filled and sent in the first 48 hours. More are still coming and feel free to send but this is an excellent statistical sample.

Regarding subscription
15 (2.3%)  REMOVE me/unsubscribe me; I am not interested to receive messages (several said for personal reasons)
76 (12.1%) I do not read most messages but want to continue receiving them
537 (85.5%)  I do read or scan many interesting messages and want to continue receiving them

Regarding the frequency of posts to the list (currently at a frequency of one or two per week):
79 (12.6%)   You are sending too many messages, suggest you cut back
474 (75.5%) You are sending with roughly the right frequency and size
75 (11.9%)   Frequency is good but content too much (see also below to fine tune content)

Regarding contents: Please rate the following items for importance/value on a scale of 1 to 5 (1: not important/not interesting --- 5: extremely interesting and important)
Average given for answers from 628 recipients

Report back on activist events and other successes 4.06
Reports from life and challenges in Palestine 4.79
Action calls and petitions 3.82
Environment and climate change related posts 4.29
Links to informative Videos on the internet 3.78
Opinion pieces by others relevant to human and civil rights 3.49

Besides the above, what other areas would you like to see covered  (arranged by # requesting)

- More positive messages, signs of hope, highlight creative activism, constructive actions on the ground & globally etc. (26 responses)
- More on the work of the Palestine Museum of Natural History & Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability (25 responses)
- More on the environment: flora, fauna, recycling, environmental justice etc  (12 responses)
-More on cultural issues like art, music, etc humanizing Palestinians (12)
- More on role of girls and women (11 responses)
- More on what is happening on the ground & Issues of daily life (11 responses)
-Tell us how we can support YOU and your colleagues (10 responses)
- BDS work (8 responses)
-History and correcting historical misinformation (5)
-More on Resistance from within Israeli society
-Israel’s effect on US and EU foreign policy, challenging lobbies (4)
-Future work for one democratic state/country (4 responses)
- How the coronavirus is affecting people or healthcare in Gaza and the West Bank (4)
-Social and acknowledging and adapting to crisis, pressures, etc. (3)
-farmers and food sovereignty (3)
-Israel impunity (2)
OTHER (Single responses)
- Biodiversity-Cultural Diversity link. Palestinians are not just Muslims and Christians just like Israelis are not just Jews. By bringing in more environmentalists and climate change activists, the BD-CD link can help defeat Zionism and its blatant negations of CD as something valuable
-is it possible to use a program like MailChimp ( ) to make it easier to share the mails on the web?
-Progress reports on the Palestinian file at the ICC, once the full investigation is opened
-As a high school Religious Education teacher, it is very useful to receive your updates, and to be able to link the theology of creation and of our human nature with the Palestinian circumstances. Any updates which support me in developing this link, or have accessible resources that I can share with my school and parish communities, are hugely helpful!
-international response
- Palestinian humour (short stories, jokers, etc.)
-perspective with examples from the natural world and science
-farmers on front line during covid and how private gardens are trending again
- art and science as resistance
-I'd love to know more about what Palestinians think the future will look like when Palestinian refugee families are finally allowed to return to their homes
-Population growth in Bethlehem and the rest of the West Bank
 -Collaborative reports garnered from around the world attempts a improving human relations and government on a global scale
 -More on Palestinian politics, hamas, fatah etc
-Your students or workers, both male and female views and challenges
 - strategy for mobilizing Jewish guilt to counter Zionist suppresion of Palestinian freedoms and economic prospects
 - please expand your above offerings with anything that is vital to our lovely ones' existence and survival.
-Cultural pieces on shared Christian Muslim Jewish heritage in Palestine
-Legal matters relating to occupation and demolitions
-feedback on Gaza
- Interreligious dialog, Holy Land status, corruption investigations in PA, Israel, maps of occupation
-any analysis of current actions by the PA or Hamas is always of interest.
- Whatever interest you.  Not everyone is as smart as you are.  Simpler is better for me.
-I’d be interested to know more about what ordinary Palestinians are doing to become less dependent on Is’li products especially food
-Interested in how low the average age is in Palestine. This must mean that children are forced into adult roles much younger than in other places. This must be stressful on top of everything else?
- tourism and how it affects Palestinians in Palestine
- positive responses from israelis, citizen, state, politicians
- I prefer the links to the topics; these I can save to read and use later
-Talk about Jewish power – source of your people suffering (from a Jew!)
 particularly like when you emphasize the importance of helping out others and I like your spiritual view of life
- Please continue your coverage educational activities and university issues.