Sep 8, 2019

Shame on us

In one location only in Al-Makhrour, Israeli colonialists started a new colonial outpost, bulldozed home and restaurant (belonging to Ramzi) and burned a farmhouse (belonging to Munir Qaraqe’s family) to clear the area next to their planned colony (can be added to hundreds of others buildt on native land). At least here we can and do visit and help and show solidarity to victims. Most of us cannot go visit or help the families of the three Gaza teens murdered by the Zionist regime this week or the countless suffering families in Kashmir (thanks to India’s fascist government propped by Israel collaboration). Do we grieve & act as well as we can? This led me to think about issue of pride and shame. I arrive to the conclusion that the only pride and shame we should feel is about our own actions or lack thereof:

Shame on us
for silence on Palestine, Kashmir, Amazon, Bahamas, detention centers in US and much more
for letting our neighbor’s homes be demolished
for allowing fascist politicians to take over our countries
for merely paying lip service to our martyrs after they are killed
for saying prayers and then forgetting what they died for
Shame on us
for blaming the colonization for more than it is responsible for
for our own actions and lack of actions
for silence on the murder of Israa Gharib by her own family
..and many more beautiful girls for supposed “honor”
… no honor in brutal murder or in excusing it
Shame on us
for patriarchy and tribalism
for tossing trash into our streets
for not composting
for buying Israeli products while speaking of resistance
for tolerating corrupt leaders
for shaking hands with corrupt officials
for silence and for cajoling powers
Shame on us
for our self-imposed weakness and for lack of organizing
for not respecting law and order
for inactions and for apathy in the face of oppression
for believing in might instead of right
for letting down Basel Al-Araj, Bassam Aburahma
… and thousands more
Shame on us
for allowing Netanyahu to visit occupied Hebron
… leaving only a few young people challenging him
for letting self-appointed “leaders” attack Issa Amro and youth against settlements
for superstition and belief in a god who would save us
Shame on us
for “security coordination”
and for following orders
for accepting to be paid blood money to help the occupiers
for allowing a few bad apples spoil much of the population
for feeling helpless
and internalizing repression (mental colonization)
Shame on us
for lack of reading
for losing dignity
for ignoring
…our power to change
…our own history
….our rich canaanitic culture
…..our young minds
… suffering for so many people
Fellow human beings
…and the suffering of our planet
Home to fellow living things
Shame on us
for forgetting that Palestine was and is the country of beauty
…Of the Fertile Crescent
…Of the cradle of civilization
…Of successful resistance*
…Of miracles of rebirth
For forgetting that this planet earth is our only home
…home of good and bad
…home of Einstein and Ben Gurion
…Ibn Sina and Ibn Saud
…home of death and rebirth
…home our only home

Next poem on PRIDE!
*read my book “Popular Resistance in Palestine: A history of Hope and Empowerment”

Palestinian Action for the Planet (PAP) second meeting 7 September 2019.
(Join us next meeting 3-5 PM Saturday 21 Sept at the museum )

Action points
1)  Environmental clubs in school: Committee (Mohammad N, Saad, Carla and Sara). Draft concept paper to be written collecting relevant data and ideas (e.g. from groups that did such work) then presented for ministry of Education also with potentially Rotary International
2)  Urban green space: Committee created (Sandy , Dr. Khaled and Najla). Look at existing situation and obstacles, design a program of action (e.g. greening more ceilings and walls, sidewalks, reserving space for green areas without buildings).  Then talk with ministry of local government and then with local authorities. Dr Khaled will contact the Hebron municipality.
3)  Media Committee (public relation)  to be created: Reena, Sameer, George R, Mazin. Festivals and conventions and conferences are good opportunities. EEC festival we will be there. Sandy will contact the organizers of the Beit Sahour Festival. In all conversations not only promote PAP but also promote that activities themselves are minimal waste generators/minimal impact on environment (e.g. culture festivals Drs. Khaled, Osama and Mazin will develop relations with the universities to engage students, staff, & faculty on environmental issue;  empowered activities like reducing waste, recycling etc.
4)      Begin working on regulations: Mazin will contact PENGON and eWASH suggesting them to take lead on this