Nov 3, 2011

Egypt post-revolution

Israel is mobilizing their US funded and equipped army and navy to deal with peace activists on the boats  trying to visit Gaza and will likely attack them Friday morning.  See this LA Times story

Some of us scheduled to go on the boats to Gaza* but were not permitted to get on the boat are now visiting Egypt post-revolution.  On of us was held at the Cairo airport for nearly 8 hours making us think that change still has along way to go here.  Please let us know if you have Egyptian contacts we can connect with especially those who can brief us on the changes in the society post-Mubarak.  The Israeli occupation authorities did this last July with the Europeans trying to visit us in the West Bank (through arriving at airport in the Welcome to Palestine Campaign) and before that in blocking freedom flotillas and murdering peace activists like Rachel Corrie and like Turkish visitors.  The incident is uncomfortable for Israel because it exposes an apartheid system built on racism and violence. The best evidence of this is to compare the peaceful nature of those of us who tried or did get on the boats with the vicious verbal attack (preluding the actual navy attacks) on the flotilla ships. Here are things to contrast:

Call from Palestinians in Gaza to the international community

Amy Goodman interviews activists aboard the boats

Contrast those with comments posted on a misleading Jerusalem Post article (misleading because the siege is illegal and the Zionist Palmar had no authority or mandate to rule on its legality).  The UN Human Rights Council and International Legal experts all ruled the siege is illegal. But I think the comments on the story from Israelis is telling in terms of the sentiment of the privileged class in the apartheid regime

But again our job is to shed a lot of light and noise about these issues and to help a captive population begging us to help.   Please act by contacting media and politicians.  Also if you know anyone who can help us get into Gaza via Rafah, please write to me.

According to a British report Israel is upgrading its nuclear weapons.  According to Israeli papers is seriously considering an attack on Iran.  Put it together and it is not another Zionist driven regional or world conflict but a catastrophe beyond imagination.  The ghetto mentality visible from reading the comments in the Jerusalem Post or other Israeli papers show a deeply schizophrenic and paranoid psychology that is extremely dangerous: Zionists think that they can get away with the large scale ethnic cleansing of Palestine (war crimes and crimes against humanity) by creating perpetual conflict and scaring Jews to always be afraid of gentiles (what they refer to as ‘goyim’).  The rest of the world and especially Western countries need to understand this and treat Israel as the rogue apartheid state it is.

US citizens should not let more of this kind of charade goer on:

Action: As of October 28, 2011, the total number of Palestinian organizations participating in the GMJ is close to fifty, including 15 in Palestine, 14 in Jordan, approximately 20 in Lebanon and some from other countries.  The main list is at and a separate list for the autonomous North American GMJ group is at
and also join us in the Welcome to Palestine Campaign And April 15-21, and

Stay human

*See my earlier blog from Turkey point of boat departure at

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
Join us in Palestine in December
and the Global March to Jerusalem on March 30
autonomous North American GMJ group is at

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