Feb 13, 2015

Greek Tragedies

Life rolls on not in any monotony but in the crazy waves of ups and downs and scenarios reminiscent of ancient Greek tragedies.  We take the punches, resist the evil acts of some, act to help where we can, accept the things we cannot change and try to change those we can.  That is life.  This week we lost several friends and neighbors (Advocate Judeh Shahwan, Professor Naseer Aruri,  Human Rights activist Kayla Mueller, Ihab Rishmawi) and we mourned atrocities committed in the US, Syria and Iraq .  The racist Zionist Debbie Schlussel wrote that she has no sympathy for our friend Kayla for being "anti-American" (actually anti-Zionist control of American Foreign policy) and called  Kayla other names so obscene to be mentioned here.  A brief on Naseer Aruri just to show you the quality of the many we mourn (all of them are candles in the darkness and remain so even after death; truly inspirational): http://www1.umassd.edu/communications/articles/showarticles.cfm?a_key=3553

We were not surprised that the highest court in the apartheid regime rejected the well-documented evidence of the murder of Rachel Corrie and accepted the fascist soldier's version that it was an "accident." Western media ignored this travesty of justice. Time for the international criminal court.  In other news in the last few days, a hate-filled criminal terrorist killed three young Muslim students in North Carolina.  That is where I lived and worked for six years and knew intimately the Muslim and Arab community and I recognized many of the faces of the mourners at the funeral videos.  After significant protest, Mr. Obama made a brief statement but it was not even close to his statement about the Paris killings.  The media was even more hypocritical either ignoring the story or calling the executions as a parking altercation! (yes I know it is unbelievable).  See these videos about this incidence

We find the mainstream media so distorted, so biased; they are either run by Zionist racists or afraid of backlash from Zionist racists if they tell the truth.  Otherwise how does one explain the discrepancy of extensive almost round-the-clock coverage by American media of the hate crimes committed in Paris but little or no coverage of the crime in North Carolina.  What little coverage they did was distorted claiming the guy killed those three innocent young Muslims because of a "parking space" issue!  How else can we see that a story like the French police catching a Jewish Zionist who was spray painting cars of Jews as a false flag operation to increase emigration of French Jews to Palestine (transformed to the Jewish state of Israel). Why coverage mentioning this is in some obscure website not on mainstream media?  Here is a report mentioning this: http://www.f169bbs.com/bbs/news/86206-france-police-catch-73-year-old-jew-spray-painting-the-word-jew-on-20-cars#axzz3Rdh6Lytv
But here is the Times of Israel interested in getting Jews to migrate out of France telling us the police arrested the guy but not saying he is Jewish and that Israel expects 10,000 Jewish French to come join the land thieves: http://www.timesofisrael.com/suspect-arrested-for-anti-semitic-graffiti-in-paris/

Such hypocrisy, such lies and countless false flag operations (billions spent on psy-ops to brainwash common people), and such evil forces are all around us.  But then again I think of goodness.  I think of those who organized vigils in Bethlehem and other towns for victims like the Jordanian pilot. http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2015/02/jordan-kaseasbeh-palestine-hamas-ondemnation.html#

I think of 14-year-old Malak (english Angel) Alkhatib.  She is a true angel who was incarcerated in Israeli gulags (fascist prisons).  She was finally released and the video of her reunion with family and supporters is touching.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6PkQ8x8uRE

Feb 10, 2015

On Politics and a Request: What is going on in the world today is serious transformation and transfiguration of power relationships from a unipolar to a multipolar world and from power centered in the north to that centered in the southern hemisphere.  The height of power of the unipolar world was in 1989-1991. Since then, things have been changing and unless we establish a world based on justice and human rights, the US/Israel axis will lose big.  Let me again remind you that our choices are 1) a livable world based on justice and human rights, 2) a dead-end world based on might is right, 3) there is no other choice.  The Israeli leadership of Netanyahu tried to reassert Israel’s “might is right” impunity by attacking a group of Hizbollah fighters deep inside Syrian territory (Israel also illegally occupies the Syrian Golan heights).  Ten days later and on January 28,
Hizbollah resistance struck back at Israeli soldiers inside the illegally occupied Shebaa Farms (Lebanese territory occupied by Israel illegally since 1967).  This operation buried the notion that Israel can attack anywhere and everywhere with impunity. 

In other world news, an employee of a US subsidiary of Israeli defense company Elbit Systems was apparently killed (“suicide” by falling off of his hotel room) in Saudi Arabia. His family says it has to do with the complicated business of Israeli weapons being sold to Saudi Arabia!  That country had a shake-up recently with the new king even more allied with Israel and the US and he removed a number of officials who were “only” 90-95% pro-Israel.  We also had more Snowden leaks about US and Israeli “intelligence” cooperation including in extrajudicial
assassination of Imad Mughniyeh and also Iranian scientists. The Jewish State of Israel in the Levant (JSIL) apparently also convinced US intelligence to identify Palestinian resistance (that presumably includes everything from Hamas to nonviolent popular committees in Nebi Saleh etc.), Hizbollah, Iran, and Syria as joint enemies (hay perhaps that should give us a hint!).  But then again even Egypt today is more pro-Israel than ever before (an Egyptian court ruled that Hamas military wing is a terrorist organization and Egyptian government enforces the Israeli siege on Gaza that is killing civilians every week).  And the US government budget of nearly $4 trillion will add $0.5 trillion to the exploding US national debt which will ensure the US gets bankrupt soon (unless they devalue the
dollar and thus default on much of this obligation).  The US will soon become a third world power and Zionists are already looking to move on to China and India (as they did when they moved from Britain to the USA).
Huge changes are unfolding here in Palestine, the epicenter of much of the conflict in Western Asia and North Africa. Zionists push their luck by pressuring the moderates within the PLO who were always ready to have a two-state solution. The two-state solution was never alive but if it was then it was also killed by the Israeli settlement enterprise (650,000 Jewish settlers now live in the Palestinian areas of the West Bank).  The upcoming Israeli elections are of “who is most fascist”.  Zionists are intent on pushing further by stealing more natural resources, stealing Palestinian taxes, daily killing civilians, and even using their hegemony in the US to get judges there to rule to give them money for being victims of “terrorism”.  Of course, the real victims of terror (millions of Palestinians) are not allowed to get any compensation.  The Oslo process tied the hands of Palestinian officials. Some want to change now and when there is a will, there is a way. But what would YOU advise us Palestinian leaders to do? I am genuinely curious as to how many of my readers have constructive advice based on what they know of geostrategic structures, capabilities etc. I will keep your advice confidential (unless you tell me otherwise) but summarize all responses received (I suspect >100) and share them with receptive Palestinian authority

Thank you to those of you who responded to volunteer your time and in some cases your money for the Palestine Museum of Natural History (palestinenature.org).  The museum is important to present young people with alternatives to violence and a new way of looking at themselves and their environment (empowerment and nature conservation). Things are moving along: a beautiful garden is flourishing, animals are happy in natural settings, research is expanding, we were nominated for an
environmental award and for membership in several exclusive professional societies, our database is growing, students are here learning every day, and much more.  But we could still use your help, so do contact the museum via info at palestinenature.org

A new initiative to encourage young Palestinians in Gaza to write (I am proud to be part of this as a mentor).  You can also support it

Zionist tour for Muslim-Americans sparks anger in Palestine