Nov 23, 2011

Freedom Ride and more

This weekly compilation is rich with material to choose from: amazing videos and stories from our first freedom ride, a video call to action for the Global March to Jerusalem, a positive action example, a story from Haaretz on our friend Ashraf AbuRahmah, Moshe Dayan's widow saying that Zionism had run its course, Rafeef Ziadeh's brilliant poem "We teach life", an interview with me in Portuguese, Ran Greenstein on "How to fight the Israel-Apartheid analogy in four easy steps", an article about what is happening in Egypt from Egyptian blogger Dr. Ezzat,  and a Jewish call to action.

Video and footage of the freedom ride (excellent in superimposing images from the US civil rights movement to thre current era) (from Ann Paq of Activestills) (collage of videos from Jewish Voices for Peace) (part 1 ogf four videos from an ISM activist)

More stories and commentary on the Freedom Rides

Take Action: Global March to Jerusalem (video)

Positive action example: Cambridge: Boycott Sabra & Tribe!

Our friend and colleague Ashraf AbuRahma, a real believer in nonviolent demonstrations and who never threw a stone is charged with throwing stones.  This case has other twists.  Amira Haas tellxs of "The banality of a Palestinian's arrest"

Moshe Dayan's Widow Ruth: Zionist Dream Has Run Its Course: These startling words were uttered last week in Tel Aviv by 95-year-old Ruth Dayan, widow of one of Israel's founding fathers

Rafeef Ziadeh poem "We teach life"

 (interview in Portuguese) ‘História da região independe da ONU’

Occupy the Occupiers: A Jewish Call to Action

Ran Greenstein: How to fight the Israel-Apartheid analogy in four easy steps – a guide for useful Hasbara idiots

Occupy Tahrir Square vs. Occupy America: “We could all temporarily lose sight of who is pulling the strings in this counter-revolution currently playing out in Egypt … but make no mistake, the thousands in Tahrir square will not lose hope nor can they afford to.”  Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Petition: To Congress & President Obama to stop military aid to Israel:
(this is an old petition that was never publicized but it might be worthwhile to reinvigorate now) Petition : "Right of Return and one secular democratic state"

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