Sep 27, 2012

Apartheid leader lectures the UN

The Prime Minister of Apartheid Israel just lectured the United Nations General Assembly! He spent most of his time nagging those present as if they were school children about Iran.  He even insulted their intelligence by showing them a diagram of a "bomb" and drawing a red line on it (yes literally with an actual red marker).  He also went about insulting 1.6 billion Muslims and even had the "chutzpa" to claim Israel is helping people around the world!  Those in attendance were less numerically and qualitatively than those who attended the Iranian president's speech.  Netanyahu thus utterly failed to anticipate the transformed reality around him and acted as if Israel can still run the show and start wars that others fight for it.  He must have not even been briefed on the Egyptian President's speech. The first democratically elected leader of Egypt received significant applause when he said that the world community must stop the hypocrisy and charade of injustice beginning with "the number one" issue: justice for Palestine.  Netanyahu merely dismissed Mahmoud Abbas's speech with just one sentence "we won't solve our conflict with libelous speeches at the UN or unilateral declarations of statehood." [No we solve them via continuing colonization]. He dismissed all Palestinians and their rights by claiming they need to recognize a "Jewish state" then they could be allowed a vague but "dimiltarized state".  The very moderate/accommodating PLO representative Mahmoud Abbas had said that he wanted to gain the overdue legitimacy for a Palestinian state at the UN and "not delegitimize Israel". But Israel has done a very good job of delegitimizing itself.  Israel in fact should be expelled from the United Nations because it failed to live up to its commitments to implement UN resolutions or to be a peace seeking nation. It also fulfils the requirement of being an apartheid state according to the relevant International Convention.  Netanyahu's war mongering and idiotic speech merely confirmed the obvious conclusion about this rogue state: it is run by lunatics. So on the bright side, perhaps putting the last few nails in the coffin of this apartheid system will come from lying racist idiots like Netanyahu.  The frustrated reaction from many world leaders and the shocked reaction by many others to Netanyahu's "lecture" give us great hope for the future. Indeed the racist mentality and arrogant criminal actions of this man and other Zionists could be the best accelerator for the end of apartheid Israel.   "The jig maybe up" as they say in English.

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Sep 17, 2012

30 years of mayhem

This is the thirtieth anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre.  We now have documentary evidence of Israeli and American roles in this preventable massacre of hundreds of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.** The intensity of private USA-Israel disputes must have increased in the past 30 years even as the mayhem also increased (for example one million Iraqis killed by US led sanctions, one million more by the illegitimate invasion and occupation beginning in 2003).  Netanyahu and other Zionists seemed very frustrated that attempts to bully the US into a war on Iran, like they did on Iraq, are failing.  Disputes that used to happen behind closed doors are now out in the open.   Israel is not even able to get the US to give them any assurances of protection if they attack Iran and Iran retaliates with thousands of improved missiles.  There is so much dissent now even within Israeli elites who directly benefit from stirring up conflicts.  Thus any decision to create more wars and suffering seems highly unlikely before the US Presidential elections in November.  Thus fortunes are being spent by the Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson and other Zionists "banking" on the Republican Mitt Romney.  A media frenzy led by Zionists will also not succeed unless we get an "October surprise". 

The Zionist attempt to stir a "clash of civilization" between Christianity and Islam is failing.  The angry protests being fomented drew less than 0.01% of the world Muslim population and most of these demonstrations were not similar to the attack in Libya that killed the US Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans.  The Zionists in charge of a significant portion of Western mainstream media tried to exaggerate and to stoke the fires but they are failing.  The largest demonstration in the Arab world is likely to be the well-disciplined Hezbollah led mass march and rally in Beirut Monday.  Its leader Hassan Nasrallah already stated that he rejects the violence inflicted on US diplomats in Libya.  The Libyan government was forced to admit that this was a pre-planned attack which likely had other motives (not the offending amateur video).  So many good people are working behind the scenes to ensure Zionists fail in their attempts to plant seeds of divisiveness and wars in so many fronts.  I actually feel the tide is shifting dramatically.  Perhaps that explains the frustration and anger of Netanyahu et al.  Unfortunately such apartheid regimes do their most damage in their last few years.  So the past few weeks Israel intensified its attack on the native Palestinians and issued more orders to transfer lands to racist Jewish settlers.

**See See also my review of an important book on the massacre: (For other important historical events that happened in September, visit

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Welcome to Palestine latest campaign was an inspiring effort that we had the privilege and honor to work on.  While participants were not allowed into the West Bank through Jordan, they visited Palestinian refugee communities in Jordan and showed that Israel is a paranoid apartheid state.  For pictures and text (French and English), see

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Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

Sep 12, 2012


We must condemn attacks done in the name of religion
by Mazin Qumsiyeh

The struggle against colonialism, imperialism, and Zionism by definition must be a human struggle for democracy, freedom, and human rights.  Those who profess such a struggle must not be silent when gangsters attack in the name of religion, any religion.  Whether it is the Jewish settlers who threw Molotov cocktails on a Palestinian family, the Christian Phallangist militias in Lebanon who massacred Palestinian civilians, the Buddhists who looted and burned Rohingya Muslims in Burma/Myanmar, or the Muslim hooligans who killed four Americans including the US ambassador in Libya.  Those who commit such horrific acts always have excuses: a film or burning a Quran or cartoons. The recent "insult" was a "film" of very poor quality by an Israeli director that pokes fun at Prophet Muhammad.  It is indeed despicable that in the USA there are people like Terry Jones who want to have public burning of the Quran or Samuel Bacile (Israeli who now lives in the US) who made this stupid film.  I lived in the US for 29 years and traveled in 48 of its 50 states.  It is a huge country and one cannot generalize on 300 million people.  For just about all my adult life I struggled against unjust government policies whether in the US or here in occupied Palestine.  I was unjustly investigated by the FBI and I also contended with attacks from racist Zionists on my character.  But I also cherished free speech and worked with the most honorable decent human beings who cared about others around the world.  For every single American who fomented hatred or committed a despicable act, I always found several Americans who are decent and caring and acted to help fellow human beings.  Some like Rachel Corrie sacrificed their lives to defend Palestinians who happen to be Muslims.

If we believe in democracy and freedom then we must insist on full democracy and freedom which include the right of foolish individuals to express themselves verbally and indeed even to speak against religions.  The maxim that no compulsion in religion must be observed and defended vigorously. Where modern society must draw the line is injury or killing of others.  True religion cannot be insulted by silly things like movies or cartoons.  And which is more offensive: starving Muslims without aid or a silly film? Which is more offensive and deserving of a challenge: judaization of Jerusalem or a few stupid cartoons?  Is it not the impact on true believers that matter?  Do such films or cartoons weaken the belief of true followers in any religion?  Do decent human being murder in the name of religion?  Would the violent reaction of a few goons instead weaken belief and also foment strife among humans (something religions tell us not to do)?  Is that why intelligence operations by Israel or Western governments to foment hatred and "divide and conquer" can also be accomplished with a few mercenaries? [Remember when Mubarak secretely sent goons to attack churches in Egypt to blame it on Muslim Fundamentalists or when Israel bombed western interests in Egypt to blame it on Arab nationalists].  We do know that extremists exist in every community and every religion.  Should the murderers regardless of their motives be excused?  What religious belief excuses killing people for what someone else supposedly did? What religion condones individual action without legal due process?

In 1979, a British comedy film "Monty Python: Life of Brian" was released mocking the biblical stories including that of Jesus.  Many Christian friends and relatives found it offensive.  I believed and still believe that "freedom of expression" is a cherished freedom that must be protected.  You cannot draw a line on this freedom of expression because each person would then have a different standard of what is acceptable or not.  We know from history how societies quickly descended down the slippery slope to end up unlivable.  We know that Europe was able to get out of the dark Middle Ages by shedding the controls on free speech wielded by a religious sect.  We know societies who banned television, music, and art.  We know the fate of societies that tried to erase their past by destroying shrines, monuments, and other archeological and historical treasures. Religion gives meaning and comfort to billions of people around the world.  If we want to defend religion in meaningful way, we should start by unequivocally condemning those who murder in its name.  Shouldn’t killers be brought to justice whether they claim Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or Buddhism as their "religion"?

Decent human beings of all religions must not remain silent.  Societies must educate children that they can both cherish their own beliefs while aggressively defending the right of others to free speech and expression no matter how silly, satiric, or offensive such speech might be.  We cannot succumb to the hatred generated by people like Sam Bacile, Terry Jones, John Hagee, many Zionists, or the killers in Benghazi.  History cautions us of dramatic consequences of such hatred.  Ultimately, all humanity is at stake.   
We lost a dear friend and colleague, Dr. Gabi Baramki.  May we remember him by acting as he did for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) on the apartheid state of Israel.  Boycott from Within activists Ronnie Barkan and Renen Raz pay tribute to Gabi Baramki by calling on the Israeli museum occupying the Baramki House to return the pillaged house to the Baramki family. The Baramki House: The Absent / Present.

The unrest, demonstrations, strikes and other actions continued in the occupied West Bank.  People have openly called for ending the Oslo agreements and its appendages like the Paris economic agreement.  They have also called for reviving the moribund PLO with elections and going back to being a liberation movement.  But I think a lot more pressure will build before the "leaders" take more than cosmetic steps.  After all, economy cannot survive under occupation/apartheid.
Video of Demonstrations

Amira Hass: Someone tell the Palestinians: It's the occupation, stupid!
The thousands who have demonstrated in the West Bank against the PA's economic policies play into the hands of Israel, which controls the resources but takes no responsibility

Boycott committee: Palestinian “Rawabi” tycoon Bashar Masri “must end all normalization activities with Israel”

Sep 7, 2012

In the occupied areas

This week, a Christian monastery near Jerusalem was vandalized by Israeli with one of the graffiti statements saying ‘Jesus is a monkey.’ A Bahrain kangaroo court upheld "convictions" of pro-democracy and human rights defenders including life terms for founder of a human rights center. The US is not acting on its own human rights laws and continues close working relationship with the ruling family which includes having a very big military base in Bahrain.  60 people seeking refuge in Turkey died by drowning, many of them were Palestinians. Independent sources confirm that at least two million Syrians were directly affected by the fighting in Syria, fighting that increasingly reminds us of civil war in Lebanon (done by proxies). Israel continued to engage in extrajudicial executions killing three young men with a missile in Gaza just two days ago. A school and community service center are threatened with demolition in Izbet Tabib (gathering Saturday there at noon for those interested in helping).  And the list goes on. 

As prices of food and basic commodities including gasoline rise, Palestinians under occupation feel the squeeze.  Poverty continues to rise and with it anger.  In every town in the occupied areas there were loud demonstrations closing streets to traffic and demanding change.  In one case more rational young people talked a few extremists to stop vandalizing and even joined hands to clean the street of rubble and put out burning tires.  Like all spontaneous uprisings, young people lead but many times their organization or agenda is not clear or not present.  Like in other situations, there are established political forces which try to co-opt, misdirect or destroy the nascent popular movement.  Some honest and decent people try to protect it. 

It is not clear where all this is heading. The economic misery here is caused by a combination of factors.  First and foremost is the Israeli occupation and colonization that was structured to build a Jewish state in Palestine while simultaneously destroying Palestinian lives.  Thus Palestinian agriculture, tourism, industry, education etc were methodically targeted and systematically dismantled in the past 90 years (started with Herbert Samuels, the Zionist high commissioner of Palestine under British rule).   But this Zionist plan could not have been executed without help: from western powers and from collusionist Arab leaders.  Any serious student of history will realize quickly the extent of the conspiracy to liquidate Palestine and Palestinian identity and replace it with the manufactured, fake, and oxymoronic "Jewish nationalism".  The monstrous product called the state of Israel is directly responsible for the fact that we have today millions of Palestinian refugees and we have had several very destructive wars.  This product is also the instigator of regional conflicts and wars (e.g. on Iraq and now pushing for a war on Iran).  Israel is increasingly identified as a major source of instability, a foreign body implanted in the middle of the Arab world in many ways sustained artificially by Western support. It is increasingly obvious that it is not even "good for the Jews". 

With the PLO's 10 point program in 1974 then the fateful Egypt-Israel peace treaty of the late 1970s, the Zionist movement felt invincible.  This directly resulted in Israeli ventures to crush the resistance by invading Lebanon in 1982.  It also led to the disastrous Oslo accords.  Creating a Palestinian authority (the PA) without an intention to end occupation, colonization, and apartheid was a brilliant Israeli move (initially thought of in 1968 but only implemented in 1993-1995).  The PA's mission was to make occupation even more profitable and less troublesome to the state of Israel.  Instead of 4000 Israeli soldiers in the Bethlehem area, we have 4000 Palestinian security personnel to ensure no friction. The accords also resulted in the illusion of a "peace process" underway to create "two-states" (something that was never and will never be in the cards).  20 years later, 650,000 settlers now live in the West Bank.  Judaization of Jerusalem is accelerating. Israel continues destroying Palestinian lives in the Galilee, in the Negev, in Jerusalem, in Gaza and in the other Bantustans.

Israel offers economic pacification with a twist to its silent partners in these crimes.  The Paris protocols ensured Israel's hegemony over natural resources, that Israel collects taxes from Palestinians, and that the Palestinian economy is merely a captive market for Israeli goods and services.  In return for this, Israel will not hinder but will facilitate "humanitarian assistance" coming from Western and Eastern countries.  The Palestinian economy transformation to a "donor dependent" economy was thus accelerated.  Some Palestinian elites got very wealthy (look at villas and SUVs in the Ramallah area just to see the extent of this).    

An artificial system was created to ensure a segment of the Palestinian population is comfortable enough to suppress any potential uprising against the occupation. This segment to protect the status quo would, as the Israeli argument goes, find it difficult or impossible to abandon privilege for the sake of larger national goals such as restorative justice.  Refugees and Jerusalem and liberation etc become old slogans put on the shelf or dumped in the trash bin so that the mahogany desks can be decorated with medals of "pragmatism", stamped by western donors.   I predicted several years ago that this system was unsustainable.  If nothing else, it is hard to keep enough beneficiaries of the 11.5 million Palestinians around the world to sustain it.  Even Israeli elites have started to question the ability of the PA to keep the lid on the restless, angry, and frustrated disenfranchized Palestinian population.  The Hamas-Fatah "division" is not the cause of the current sad state of affairs in Palestine.  It is a mere (mild) symptom of the deterioration in our political institutions over the past few decades.  

The Palestinian authority called for municipal elections for next month (October).  Municipal elections are already two years behind schedule.  A presidential commission and local branches of national factions policized what otherwise should be a civil service matter.  Here in my town of Beit Sahour, the mayor who is from Fatah decided to run again.  The last time the main challenge was from left-leaning parties. Hamas is hounded here (as are secular forces hounded in Gaza) so is not running.  The left parties are divided and if united could possibly win.  But something interesting is now happening.  The youth gathered to declare that they are neither with Fatah nor the left parties and do not like the way things have been running.   A facebook page gathered thousands and very interesting discussions ensued. Youth questioned why members of the city council from the left were not willing or able to challenge decisions made unilaterally by the mayor. Youth want a municipal council that is truly representative, effective, and transparent.  They reject actions of current political factions and reject tribal/familial patterns of operations.  They believe change for the better can copme from their own actions.  I noticed a shift among many members of our society towards this mode of thinking and working.  I noted even those who are members or supporters of political factions beginning to have internal discussions to reassess.  Sometimes these became heated discussions as I am told by some sympathetic insiders.

I think Palestinian society overall is dynamic, vibrant, educated and flexible.  This makes me optimistic that despite the many obstacles and problems we encountered (especially the "Oslo" disaster), we can regain our footing.  When all is said and done I am not betting on political leaders, I am betting on our people.  Our "history of hope and empowerment"* certainly makes this a sure bet.

*"Popular Resistance in Palestine: a history of hope and empowerment" published in 2010 very briefly goes over 130 years of confronting challenges of Zionism, Western and Arab Collusion.

Interesting article by Ali Abunimah
"Ramming through AIPAC’s desires – despite an apparent no vote – was a neat summary of how US elites make decisions when it comes to Israel. Both parties are in a bidding war to appease Israel’s most extreme supporters at home and abroad. If this means riding roughshod over their own members, the American public, world opinion, international law and the basic rights of the Palestinian people, then so be it."

في المناطق المحتلة

أحداث مؤلمة جدا هذا الأسبوع. منها قيام قطعان المستوطنين بالهجوم على دير في القدس وكتابة "يسوع قرد" على الجدران. منها ألأحكام بالسجن على المدافعين عن حقوق ألإنسان في البحرين. منها مصرع 60 شخصا غرقا العديد منهم فلسطينيون حاولوا اللجوء إلى تركيا. ومنها من مصادر مستقلة تؤكد أن على الأقل اثنين مليون سوري تضرروا بشكل مباشر من القتال الذي يذكرنا بالحرب الأهلية في لبنان. ومنها مواصلة إسرائيل سياسة الاغتيالات. وقرار إسرائيل هدم مجمع تاخدمات والمدرسة في عزة الطبيب (للمشاركة هنالك نشاط السبت الساعه 12) والقائمة تطول.

يزيد الضغط علينا تحت الاحتلال ويؤدي ارتفاع الأسعار (غذاء وسلع أساسية والبنزين) إلى ارتفاع مستمر في نسبة الفقر وفي نسبة الغضب الشعبي. في كل بلدة في المناطق المحتلة كانت هناك مظاهرات صاخبة وإغلاق الشوارع أمام حركة المرور ومطالبة بالتغيير. يؤلمنا أن بعض الشباب (ربما مدسوسين أو غير مثقفين) استغلوا الوضع لتخريب الممتلكات الخاصة والعامة. في بيت ساحور تحدث الشباب الأكثر عقلانية مع بعض المتطرفين لوقف التخريب وثم تعاونوا لتنظيف الشوارع من الأنقاض وإخماد الإطارات. مثل كل الثورات يقودها الشباب بعفوية وقد يكون النشاط غير واضح ألأهداف وهناك قوى سياسية تحاول ألاستحواذ أو التحكم أو منع أو تضليل الحركة الشعبية الوليدة. بالمقابل هناك أشخاص أمناء ومثقفين تعمل بصدق وإخلاصالزراعة،لحراك الشبابي المستقل.  

ليس من الواضح أين يتجه كل هذا. مجموعة من العوامل تلعب دورها في البؤس الاقتصادي والسياسي. أولا وقبل كل شيء الاحتلال الإسرائيلي والاستعمار. استهدفت الحركة الصهيونية بشكل منهجي كل ما يعيلنا: الزراعة ، والسياحة، والصناعة، والتعليم وغيرها. وطبعا كان هنالك تواطؤ وتعاون غربي وعربي. أي دارس جدي للتاريخ يُدرك بسرعة مدى المؤامرة لتصفية فلسطين والهوية الفلسطينية واستبدالها ب"القومية اليهودية" المصطنعة والوهمية. دولة إسرائيل مسئولة مسؤولية مباشرة عن أن لدينا اليوم ملايين من اللاجئين الفلسطينيين ومسئولة عن الحروب المدمرة والصراعات الإقليمية. وشعوب العالم تُدرك أكثر فأكثر الخطر من الكيان الصهيوني على أمن العالم.

للأسف مقابل زيادة التفهم والمساندة لنا فان قيادة منظمة التحرير الفلسطينية بدأت بالتراجع منذ برنامج العشر نقاط عام 1974 ثم جاءت معاهدة السلام بين مصر وإسرائيل ومنها رأت الحركة الصهيونية أنها لن تُقهر. هذا أدى مباشرة إلى مشاريع إسرائيلية لسحق المقاومة بغزو لبنان في عام 1982. وتبعها اتفاقات أوسلو الكارثية. إنشاء السلطة الفلسطينية من دون وجود نية لإنهاء الاحتلال والاستعمار والفصل العنصري كان خطوة رائعة الإسرائيلية بدأت بأفكار عام 1968 وطُبقت في 1993-1995). حددت إسرائيل مهمة السلطة الفلسطينية في جعل الاحتلال أكثر ربحية وأقل غلبة لدولة إسرائيل. بدلا من 4000 جندي إسرائيلي في منطقة بيت لحم، لدينا 4000 من أفراد الأمن الفلسطيني لضمان عدم الاحتكاك. الاتفاقات أسفرت أيضا عن وهم "عملية السلام" عبر مسار "دولتين" (وهو الشيء الذي لم ولن يكون). استفادت إسرائيل من تطبيع وضعا وازدهر اقتصادها بنفس الوقت الذي سار فيه الوضع الفلسطيني من سيئ لأسوأ. ولم يحاسب أحد على ألأخطاء أو الفساد. 20 عاما مرت وازداد عدد المستوطنين إلى 650,000 مستوطن يعيشون الآن في الضفة الغربية. تهويد القدس يتسارع. إسرائيل تواصل تدمير حياة الفلسطينيين في الجليل، في النقب، في القدس، في غزة وفي البانتوستانات الأخرى.

في مقابل البقاء شريكا صامتا في الجرائم إسرائيل تسمح باقتصاد التسول. بروتوكولات باريس الاقتصادية تضمن الهيمنة الإسرائيلية على الموارد الطبيعية وعلى معظم مفاتيح الاقتصاد الفلسطيني.  الاقتصاد الفلسطيني هو مجرد سوق أسيرة للبضائع والخدمات الإسرائيلية. حتى "المساعدة الإنسانية" القادمة من الدول الغربية والشرقية والتي أصبحنا نعتمد عليها مربحة للكيان الصهيوني. بعض النخب فلسطينية استفادت بفلل وسيارات وحسابات بنك ولم يتساءل أحد "من أين لك هذا".

تم إنشاء نظام لضمان اصطناعي لشريحة من السكان الفلسطينيين مبسوطة على وضعها ولذا مستعدة لقمع أي انتفاضة محتملة ضد الاحتلال. هذه الشريحة تعمل بقصد أو بدون قصد لحماية الوضع الراهن. الرهان الإسرائيلي والأمريكي هو أن من الصعب أو المستحيل التخلي عن امتياز من أجل أهداف وطنية كبيرة. العدالة والعودة للاجئين والقدس والتحرير وغيرها تصبح شعارات قديمة وُضعت على الرف أو ملقاة في سلة المهملات. بدلها يمكن تزيين المكاتب الممولة من الخارج  بميداليات "البراغماتية/الواقعية" المصنوعة في عواصم تدعي الديمقراطية والممولة من المانحين الغربيين. توقعت قبل عدة سنوات أن هذا النظام غير قابل للاستمرار فمن الصعب الحفاظ على عدد كاف من المستنفعين مقابل 11 مليون فلسطينيين غير مستنفعين. وحتى النخب الإسرائيلية بدأت في التشكيك في قدرة السلطة الفلسطينية الحفاظ على "الهدوء". هنا تكمن أهمية الحراك الحالي.

ربما توضيح بسيط لشرح أن التغيير قادم. دعت السلطة الفلسطينية للانتخابات البلدية في الشهر المقبل (تشرين الأول). الانتخابات البلدية تأخرت عامين عن الموعد المحدد بحجج مختلفة. لجنة رئاسية والفروع المحلية للفصائل الوطنية عملت على تسييس الانتخابات. رئيس بلدية بلدتي بيت ساحور هو من حركة فتح وقرر خوض الانتخابات مرة أخرى. آخر مرة كان التحدي الرئيسي من الأطراف ذات الميول اليسارية. أعضاء حماس مطاردين هنا كما القوى العلمانية مطارده في قطاع غزة ولذا ليس هنالك قوائم لها. تنقسم الأحزاب اليسارية وإذا اتحدت يمكن أن تفوز. ولكن شيئا آخر حديثا يثيرا لاهتمام الآن. تجمع الشباب ليعلنوا أنهم ليسوا مع فتح أو أحزاب اليسار ويريدون التغيير.  . الفيسبوك جمع الآلاف وتلت ذلك مناقشات واجتماعات مثيرة جدا للاهتمام. تساءل الشباب لماذا لم يكن أعضاء المجلس البلدي من اليسار راغبون أو قادرون على تحدي قرارات رئيس البلدية. الشباب يريدون أن يكون المجلس البلدي ممثل لهم وفعال ويعمل بشفافية. إنهم يرفضون بعض تصرفات الفصائل السياسية الراهنة و يرفضون الأنماط القبلية / العائلية. إنهم يعتقدون التغيير للأفضل ممكن بأيديهم. لاحظت وجود تحول بين العديد من أعضاء مجتمعنا نحو هذا النمط من التفكير والعمل. لاحظت أنه بدأت مناقشات داخلية حتى بين أعضاء أو مؤيدي الفصائل السياسية لإعادة التقييم. في بعض الأحيان كانت مناقشات ساخنة كما قيل لي من قبل بعض المطلعين المتعاطفين.

بالتأكيد للمجتمع الفلسطيني ديناميكية وحيوية ومرونة وهذا يجعلني متفائلا على الرغم من أن هناك الكثير من العقبات والمشاكل التي واجهناها (خصوصا "أوسلو" كارثة) وسنواجهها كشعب في الطريق إلى الحرية والازدهار.  ونحن لا نراهن على القادة السياسيين وخاصة أولئك الذين لا يسفتون شعبهم ولكن نثق بشعبنا الذي ضحى بالآلاف ولديه "تاريخ من الأمل والإنجاز" *.

* كتاب "المقاومة الشعبية في فلسطين: تاريخ من الأمل والإنجاز" الذي نشر في عام 2010 يُلخص أكثر من 130 عاما في مواجهة التحديات الصهيونية والغربية والتواطؤ العربي.