Jan 31, 2024

Negative and positive news

 2,269 massacres committed by the occupation army, 33,751 martyrs and missing persons (26,751 arrived in hospitals), 11,500 child martyrs and now some These are not numbers. These are people with dreams and aspirations and no different than any other area on earth where indigenous people also struggled to stay on their lands. People like renowned Palestinian psychologist Fadel Abu Hein [1].  Western Media under pressure of public opinion are starting to show what is going on which is horrific [2]

The International Court of Justice ruling that there is sufficient evidence to order Israel to halt the genocidal acts was important even though the ruling was weak basically saying Israel may continue its war on Palestine, but without killing a lot of Palestinians. What was the Zionist regime's (and the Western governments) response to the ruling. Rejection and intensification of the genocide and also trying to liquidate a UN agency that takes care of 5 million Palestinian refugees and whose constricted help to Gaza which will is already diminishing will mean acceleration of genocide [3]. As Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur to the Palestinian Occupied Territories stated "Western governments have suspended #UNRWA funds due to serious ALLEGATIONS against 12 staff. Same governments have not suspended ties with the state whose army has killed 26k ppl in Gaza in 3.5m,though ICJ said it may plausibly constitute GENOCIDE. Double standards? Yes, big time."

The genocide in Gaza is supported by many governments including Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan [4]. Palestinians uncovered a mass grave in the yard of a hospital that was besieged by Israeli forces where 30 bodies were found buried of people blindfolded, hands tied behind their backs and executed by the occupation army. You can see atrocities documented at the website of Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor [5]. But the endless genocidal attacks on the local people also carry an environmental cost [6].

The carnage is also in the West Bank, for example the was an illegal Israeli raiding of Jenin hospital dressed as doctors and nurses to engage in extrajudicial execution of three young men [7]. Imagine if this happened in any other hospital in the world! collaborators likely informed about them being in hospital and where is the so called Palestinian authority?)

The history of the colonial Zionist project in Palestine needs to be told and retold in the Western World because it is hidden intentionally [8]. Bottom line is, through Zionist terror and massacres, Palestine was and still is being transformed from a  thriving multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi religious and even multi-lingual society to become a "Jewish state of Israel". Hence 8 million of us are refugees or displaced people and colonizers now "own" (stole) 92% of historic Palestine and those of us remaining are squeezed in 8% under an apartheid occupation regime.

We Palestinians teach life [9]. We resist the hate and death cult of colonial racist ideas like Zionism. Over 105 years of colonization and oppressions, we engaged in all forms of resistance to try and get our inalienable rights of return and self determination. Most of our resistance has been non-violent - we prefer to call it Popular Resistance [10].  We in the one Democratic State proposed our plan for a post colonial Palestine [11]. The Islamic resistance movement presented its post-war preferred scenario: election / self determination for the Palestinians people to counter the US/Israeli plans for post-war (of ethnic cleansing, continued slaughter and continued occupation and strangulation) [12]. This struggle for freedom and dignity against a ruthless enemy that tries to dehumanize and liquidate us (and the two go hand-in-hand). This struggle is now joined by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Non-Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews also joined this struggle in the thousands (e.g. see Jewish Voice for Peace). More than 500 staffers of Jewish groups, most of them progressive, appeal to Biden to press for ceasefire [13]. But even some Zionists are speaking out [14].  

Palestinians speak out also regularly so listen to us. Just today (Wednesday) I was honored to see some of my friends speaking including Dr. Haidar Eid [15]. I have not heard his voice for months. Many of us Palestinians reflect on our duties and responsibilities in this genocidal epoch [16].  The highly respected group of Elders call for ceasefire and immediate implementation by Israel of ICJ ruling [17].

Demonstrations around the world are astounding. Half a million in London, hundred thousand in Washington DC and large numbers in over 200 cities world wide. Over 50 cities in the USA defied the Zionist hegemony of the federal government and the media and issued resolutions to ceasefire.  Most gratifying, over 11 million Yemeni citizens filled the streets and their government obeyed International law by trying to stop the genocide [18]. We shall overcome someday. The refugees will return and Palestine will be free but we have to get rid of collaborators, and collusionists and awaken more people.

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Jan 28, 2024

Genocide, sex extortion, and people movement

 By Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, Bethlehem, Occupied Palestine

What is the story with UNRWA? If Israel succeeds in liquidating the Palestinian cause, will the whole globe be at risk of a global war that ends humanity? And what does sex extortion and people movement have to do with it? Read on for this serious subject.

My wife and I donated to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA.org and please use this ink to advocate for UNRWA in the US), Palestine Red Crescent Society, and other groups helping the desperate starving population of Gaza. We also help individuals directly. I receive desperate calls from Gaza where 1.9 million Palestinians are homeless now. In one call yesterday a Gazan friend to me some 150 people are sleeping in three tents one for men (32), one for children (73) and one for women (45) in the cold with no food and only collected rain water. No sanitation and diseases are spreading. UNRWA had given them earlier some loaves of bread but even people lined up to receive these were shot at by the Israeli occupation army killing 19 two days ago. UNRWA now will have even less to give and stated they will shut their operation in a few short weeks unless funding is restored and access is given. UNRWA's major funding comes from governments and the US government followed by six other nations stopped supporting UNRWA. This is like the price tag policy of settlers: IT IS THE FIRST RESPONSE TO THE International Court of Justice ruling. The alleged reason was that 9 (some say 12) UNRWA employees entered with the masses into the areas of "Israel" on 7 October. It is true that many Gazan's entered when the wall was breached by Hamas fighters and many others whether Hamas supporters or not. Even if those few UNRWA employees were Hamas fighters why punish UNRWA? UNRWA fired these culpable employees (see https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/palestine-officials-denounce-us-uk-pause-funding-unrwa). Actually under International law, people have a right to resist especially if kept in the largest concentration camp on earth. UNRWA employs thousands of people and serves some 4 million registered refugees (and many others) in strictly humanitarian needs).Imagine shutting other UN agencies or any major institution or aid agency like the World Food Program based on action of a few employees. But that is not the real reason UNRWA was targeted. 

Israel has targeted UNRWA since it was founded in 1949 as a UN body for strict humanitarian reasons. Israel argued for 75 years that refugees do not get to return and that they need not be kept in refugee camps and that they should be settled in other countries. UNRWA schools that teach children that they are Palestinians and have human rights are considered inciting against the Zionist narrative of "a land without a people for a  people without a land." But more importantly UNRWA and aiding refugees stops the liquidation of the Palestinian cause which the racist apartheid colonial system called "the Jewish state of Israel" has been trying to do for 75 years. Even since 7 October 2023, Israeli forces killed >120 UNRWA employees (non of them supportive of Hamas). This liquidation of a cause and a people is what this is about and it is taking excuses of actions of a few (fired) employees to use its lobby tentacles in Western countries to help them finish off Palestine and its people.

I do have a few words about why a liquidation of the Palestinian cause will impoverish billions of people around the world and result in a global hegemony leading to catastrophic nuclear wars and destruction of our planet. I will be brief. After a bloody human history of hundreds of genocides and two world wars (Crimean war and the great war of 1914-1917), there was an attempt at creation of the League of Nations (LN) with rules to govern state behaviors. This worked for a mere three decades and then there was another world war (sometimes called 'second world war'). That war had many horrors on civilians: concentration camps and massacres in Europe, massacres by the Japanese in China/ Korea/Philippines, carpet bombing German cities like Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki etc. So the victors of that war led by the US agreed to set up new mechanisms in 1945: the 'United Nations" (UN) and set up mechanisms to prevent such horrors including conventions like the Convention against the crimes of Genocide, the Universal Convention on Human Rights, and many others. The victors also set-up and empowered a Jewish state in Palestine even as their own intelligence services told them this will destabilizing to the whole region and would lead to regional and global conflicts. But in any case the created mechanisms did not stop the victors (who have veto power over the UN by design) from engaging in genocides and violations of the same UN conventions they helped create. Just to cite a few from the dozens of genocides and atrocities committed since 1945: UK, France, & US  on Vietnam, France on Algeria, Italy on Libya, US on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen (through proxies first and now directly), etc. etc. There was supposed to be a cold war Soviet Union vs NATO but it was anything but cold for the millions of civilians who perished in the territories fought over. The globe became destabilized under a hegemonic militarized US superpower (with military basis in 80 countries) but a peculiar non-democratic country whose politicians are under the thumb of a Zionist lobby (see below and also here  https://popular-resistance.blogspot.com/2023/11/israel-lobby-in-usa.html), Thus genocides/holocausts continued including for the Palestinians.

South Africa which survived Western Colonization and ended Apartheid is now attacked for bringing the case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against the crime of genocide UN Convention). What is the defense of Israel: Hamas, Hamas repeated 137 times in the opening presentation. The butcher Netanyahu dismissed the ICJ) ruling and held an Arabic copy of Hitler's book 'Mein Kempf' that he alleged was found in Gaza. He forgets that that book was racist in all aspects and only one group of Jews were mentioned positively in it and those are the Zionists. He forgot to mention the Zionist-Nazi collaboration (see Lenni Brenner's book "51 documents: History of te Nazi-Zionist Collaboration"). Or that the Zionists are the ones who broke the boycott of Nazi Germany in  the 1930s. He forgot to mention that his party (Betar later became Likud) founded based on collaboration and ideology of Italian fascist Mussolini (even modeling their uniforms on those). See the view of Albert Einstein and other prominent Jews on this fascist party http://qumsiyeh.org/einsteinetalonbegin/ He forgot to say that Israel's open ideology of genocide and ethnic cleansing is even more crude/dangerous than Nazis (Israeli leaders boasted of genocide while others tried to hide their it). The Nazi regime also did not disdain the League of Nation or prevent the Red Cross from operating. The  Israeli regime disdains the UN and prevents it and all international agencies from operating in the occupied territories. Israeli leaders have also boasted that International law is irrelevant and can be changed. They point out for example how they managed to keep the occupied territories, imprison people in concentration areas, have racist laws, etc. for decades. But why is this relevant to my contention about impact on other countries and the world's population.

The Zionist movement strength grew from 1897 (first Zionist congress) to 1917 when they succeeded in getting the Balfour (British) and Cambon (French) declarations in support of their ambitions as a quid pro quo to get the US into that 'great war. The US issued its support for te declarations. The outcome of US entry and the pyrrhic victory was unforeseen (rise of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany). This is similar to the war on Iraq which strengthened Iran and the the axis of resistance in Iraq and elsewhere (history repeats itself). But in any case, the mechanisms created in 1945 after the catastrophe of the so called WWII did not work. What will likely replace them (like the League of Nations) a world war unless somehow the weaker countries realize that they must band together and offer resistance not subjugation to the hegemonic US/Israel power.  But in countries like the UK, the politics are also subverted (see how Jeremy Corbyn was removed by the Zionist lobby). So mass awakening must happen to change the system that allows money and special interests to remove politicians who care about their people and install politicians who care about supporting a racist apartheid regime. That regime's ambitions are not limited to Palestine. Netanyahu boasted at the UN and even more openly in Hebrew about control of the US and the region.  Thousands of Jews argued in writing and convincingly why political Zionism is a destructive and not just to Palestinians and may even be a combined genocidal and suicidal ideology. One can read writings with details from the likes of Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch, Rabbi Joseph Sonnenfeld, Judas Magnas,  Ilan Pappe, Norman Finkelstein, Lenni Brenner, Avi Shlaim, Freud Einstein, Uri Avnery, Moshe Machover, Joel Teitelbaum, and hundreds of other authors and intellectuals who convincingly showed the dangers of this racist ideology. The heirs to these intellectuals are a growing movement of activist young generation of Jews who establish and grow organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace and engage in protests and civil disobedience. They led to massive demonstrations against the genocide, hundreds were arrested, and they lead in the campaign of boycotts, divestments, and sanctions. They joined their voices to the hundreds of millions of people on the streets against Zionist attempts to liquidate Palestine and its people. Palestinians in the Gaza strip and in the West Bank and elsewhere resisting heroically with hundreds of millions of supporters around the world are standing in the way of the Zionist ambition and thus preventing the continuation of US/Israeli hegemony and impoverishment of millions around the world.  But we need to be aware. Israel responds to pressure as they did in 1956 when they withdrew from Sinai and Gaza and in 2000 when they withdraw from Lebanon. But their leaders have since become more messianic, more fundamentalist, more crazy and irrational (to the point of open genocidal acts). Israel has some 80-100 nuclear warheads many mounted on nuclear submarines supplied by Germany and the global Zionist movement is run by irrational fascists who even talked of the "Samson option" taking the whole world with them.  It may happen unless we the people reverse this trend (see below). I say IRRATIONAL  because their worst assumption is that might and destruction will make Palestinians give up Palestine followed the second stupid assumption that Jews are chosen/superior and are not part of common human history. Jews and Palestinians and others who work to end the genocide prove both assumptions wrong.

Does sexual blackmail explain why western politicians support genocide and liquidation of the Palestinian cause which could lead to a global war and end humanity? There is some evidence:
and relationships to some Arab leaders like UAE
Tzipi Livni is also purported to have slept with many leaders including Arab Leaders as a Mossad agent.

This is the tip of the iceberg. With Presidents Trump, Clinton, and Biden on the list of Epstein clients among hundreds of other western and Arab leaders, and the presence of other yet to be discovered "Epstein"'s will the blackmail and bribes keep the world at bay while Zionists create a world war that destroys our planet? This depends on whether we can get rid of the blackmailed and bribed politicians and get governments to serve their people. People can change governments and their policies. History proves it. For example in the US alone: women's right to vote, ending war on Vietnam, ending support for South African apartheid, Social security etc. We shall overcome someday!?

Try to stay human

Jan 26, 2024

ICJ rules

 Today 26 January 2024 (after 112 days of carnage), the International Court of Justice issued a decision /injunction with six provisional measures (available here https://www.icj-cij.org/sites/default/files/case-related/192/192-20240126-ord-01-00-en.pdf) and will continued deliberation. The six provisional measures requested are an important win for human rights and could be a game changer even as Israel tried to dismiss them and will go on with carnage.

Quotes from the court ruling

In light of the foregoing, the Court concludes that, prima facie, it has jurisdiction pursuant to Article IX of the Genocide Convention to entertain the case.  Given the above conclusion, the Court considers that it cannot accede to Israel’s request that the case be removed from the General List…..The Palestinians appear to constitute a distinct “national, ethnical, racial or religious group”, and hence a protected group within the meaning of Article II of the Genocide Convention. The Court observes that, according to United Nations sources, the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip comprises over 2 million people. Palestinians in the Gaza Strip form a substantial part of the protected group….;.The Court, pursuant to Article 41 of its Statute, has the power to indicate provisional measures….The Court considers that, with regard to the situation described above, Israel must, in accordance with its obligations under the Genocide Convention, in relation to Palestinians in Gaza, take all measures within its power to prevent the commission of all acts within the scope of Article II of this Convention, in particular: (a) killing members of the group; (b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; and (d) imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group. The Court recalls that these acts fall within the scope of Article II of the Convention when they are committed with the intent to destroy in whole or in part a group as such (see paragraph 44 above). The Court further considers that Israel must ensure with immediate effect that its military forces do not commit any of the above-described acts.

The final six decisions of the ICJ (provisional measureS):

(1) By fifteen votes to two, The State of Israel shall, in accordance with its obligations under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, in relation to Palestinians in Gaza, take all measures within its power to prevent the commission of all acts within the scope of Article II of this Convention, in particular: (a) killing members of the group; (b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; and (d) imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(2) By fifteen votes to two, The State of Israel shall ensure with immediate effect that its military does not commit any acts described in point 1 above;

(3) By sixteen votes to one, The State of Israel shall take all measures within its power to prevent and punish the direct and public incitement to commit genocide in relation to members of the Palestinian group in the Gaza Strip;

(4) By sixteen votes to one, The State of Israel shall take immediate and effective measures to enable the provision of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance to address the adverse conditions of life faced by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip;

(5) By fifteen votes to two, The State of Israel shall take effective measures to prevent the destruction and ensure the preservation of evidence related to allegations of acts within the scope of Article II and Article III of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide against members of the Palestinian group in the Gaza Strip

(6) By fifteen votes to two, The State of Israel shall submit a report to the Court on all measures taken to give effect to this Order within one month as from the date of this Order.

The most reputable court on earth has effectively ruled and with a huge majority that: 1) there is plausible evidence of genocidal acts requiring immediate intervention justifying taking the case, 2) that Palestinians are at grave risk of genocide (warranting 6 injunctions noted above).

The resolution opened with a summary of the conflict from 7 October and the contentions of South Africa and Israel about what transpired since. The decision constitutes a profound undermining of the persistent use of the Jewish holocaust to justify another holocaust and that Israel is above the law having proclaimed itself (falsely as representing Jews). This must be built upon and strengthened in a global popular effort (growing global movement) not only to force compliance of ending the genocide per the ICJ’s order (pending final ruling which might take months). The resolution implicitly but not explicitly stipulates a ceasefire. But the decision orders refraining from killing Palestinian civilians and refraining from causing any physical or psychological harm under article 2 of the convention. The decision demands the immediate provision of basic services and humanitarian aid (food, water, medicine, fuel) denied by the Israeli army since 7 October.

The resolution was issued closer to consensus, with a vote of 15 to 2 or 16 to 1, which means that there is international consensus on the existence of Israel’s intention to annihilate. The American judge, the French judge, and the German judge voted in favor of the resolution, contrary to the declared position of their countries. This is an indication that may constitute a message from those countries of their unwillingness to risk undermining the international system they established to sustain their influence. The Israeli judge appointed ad hoc for this case, Aharon Barak, contradicted his government’s legal position, which rejects the court’s jurisdiction in this case in the first place, and that it risks undermining the legitimacy of Israel when it exposes it to precautionary measures based on the Genocide Convention. Judge Barak voted in favor of the decision on the items preventing incitement and providing basic services and aid, meaning that he granted legitimacy to the court’s jurisdiction in accordance with the Genocide Convention in principle. The judge who voted against all the provisions of the resolution was the Ugandan judge, Julia Sabotendi, including the two provisions that were supported by the Israeli judge, reminds us of the Ugandan option for the Jewish state (1903) and its current government being occupied.

Israeli occupation army will probably go on with its killing spree and starvation of the people and clearing out a 1 Km wide zone of Palestinian houses while bombing others from the air, sea, and land. Most of the public as you can see from the video above is brainwashed. But it is a moral defeat for the Colonial project and more and more countries and people are not buying the lies and distortions any more. It is time for the 15 million Palestinians scattered around the world to discard aging leaderships, organize better and with help of all people of good will assert and achieve our right to return and self determination in Palestine. 

What we need to do? Keep pushing, keep posting on social media, speak truth to power, , keep protesting/demonstrating (especially against complicit media and politicians), engage in http://BDSmovement.net For more on what you can do see ongaza.org and http://qumsiyeh.org/whatyoucando/ You can shorten the 112 day carnage and each day an average of 250 civilians are killed (accelerating now because of famine and disease). Even saving one day means saving hundreds of lives and many remaining homes from demolition.

Jan 25, 2024

Reality and Reflection

 Day 110 of the genocide and below is REALITY and REFLECTIONS. 

Quote of the day: "We came and turned the native Arabs into tragic refugees. And still we have to slander and malign them, to besmirch their name. Instead of being deeply ashamed of what we did and trying to undo some of the evil we committed...we justify our terrible acts and even attempt to glorify them" Nathan Chofshi, Jewish Newsletter, New York, 9 February 1959, cited in Erskine Childers, 'The Other Exodus' in Spectator, London, 12 May 1961

REALITY: Global movement is still growing to end the ongoing genocide in Gaza. The International Court of Justice is expected to issue an injunction for Israeli forces to stop the slaughter. But the slaughter will continue at a pace determined by artificial “intelligence”. There is increased isolation of the US, UK and German governments supporting the genocide. Now over 1% of the population of Gaza (civilians) have been killed and another 2.2% injured. 119 journalists have been murdered by the Israeli occupation to attempt to silence the media but stories keep coming out. Hospitals targeted and about 5% of the medical staff are still offering very basic services.   >70% of buildings destroyed. Medical services are all but non-existent and people are dying of famine and disease (Hepatitis A and Leishmania and other diseases) and even smaller injuries. Hundreds of Gaza women had miscarriages due to this war and others died in childbirth due to lack of medical care.  Israeli leaders and much of the public still cheers on the genocide and even proudly boast of the killing of women and children. The US government and the corporate Western media know but try in vain to hide this reality and defend the indefensible.

REFLECTIONS: I have been active for human rights for 45 years (started with South Africa actually). I published over 180 articles in peer-reviewed journals, over 600 other articles, and many books. I was interviewed over 2000 times and gave over 5500 talks to audiences of all backgrounds. When I reflect on what I witness and studied and spoke about, new thoughts come to me. Karl Marx’s made a statement: "History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, second as a farce". The US/Israel partnership in this latest genocide is both a tragedy and a farce. But I also am very optimistic that history is at a major bend. Hundreds of genocides were committed in the past few hundred years but this is different. It is broadcast live, it is happening when the globe is connected like never before (especially social media), it is happening when the dominant power is floundering as it tries to serve political interests and lobbies and a new world order is being built (see below).

Israeli PM Netanyahu is hoping to stay in power for a few more months while losing Israeli soldiers in Gaza and bombing civilians . By that time the Israeli army would have killed the remaining hostages and  the world would lose interest again in the 75 year suffering of the Palestinian people and his lobbies and western media could reset things as before (US rescues Israel by using its veto power so it does not answer to genocide). The Israeli public would also presumably lose interest and the fascist right can be satisfied.  But he does not understand the change in global power dynamics, the unprecedented global solidarity with Palestine, the UNIQUENESS of this holocaust,  and the fact that the fear factor globally was already shattered and will not come back again (evidence Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, South Africa, Latin America, global south in general, and even governments in Europe). As for the uniquenss of this genocide/holocaust, I wrote about this before: broadcast live, supported by hypocritical western governments, open admission of intent by its leading figures, attempt to create a "clash of civilizations "; the latter actually mobiizing Muslims and Christians and Jews sand others FOR PALESTINE. Thus, the Zionist apartheid regime is accelerating the demise of this failed experiment at colonialism and racism called the "Jewish State of Israel".  They will help accelerate our work for one democratic state, the only solution to the mess created by Zionism: see https://onestatecampaign.org/en/

That Apartheid Israel's biggest defender is the United State Government is not an asset but a LIABILITY because the United States: 1) bombed 20 countries in 20 years, 2) has over 1000 military bases including also secret detention centers in at least 80 countries (whose public decries this), 3) has a history of buying developing country governments through the machinations of the IMF and World Bank, impoverishing people while enriching bureaucratic and unrepresentative governments ensured people resentment and frequent creation of new  governments that listens to the will of the people and despise the US government, 4)  hegemony was overextended and showed its hypocrisy by undermining international law and this became most blatant in supporting the genocide and destruction of the Palestinian people (with money, weapons, special forces, diplomatic cover etc). These issues contributes to the decline of the US empire whose share in the global economy declined from 40% to 24%.  China's share grew from 2.4% in 1980 to 18.5% today.  We may add that the Zionist lobby's weaponizing the Jewish holocaust and using terms like "anti-Semitic" and "self hating" to describe human rights advocates  is back-firing. The description I gave before https://popular-resistance.blogspot.com/2023/11/israel-lobby-in-usa.html on the role of the lobby is becoming more exposed. The US public will rise in arms once they know the truth. But the public in the rest of the world has eyes wide open and will not be shut again. That is why we are very optimistic that a new world order of diversity, pluralism, accountability is coming. Sad that it is being done with very heavy and unprecedented losses. Gaza lights the way with bodies of its people.

Action: Use these hashtags on your social media posts #Gaza #GazaPalestine #Palestine #CeaseFireNow #CeasefireForGaza #WestBank #EndIsraelGenocide #StandWithGaza #GlobalJustice #GazaGlobalAction #CeaseFireNow #GlobalIntifada #StandWithPalestine #EndIsraelsGenocide #FreePalestine #HumanRightsViolations #GazaGenocide

How Israel has destroyed Gaza's schools and universities

[Good food for thought] Versions of Denial

Not for the faint of heart (caution): watch this short video glimpse of gaza strip
And a milder story of a family in Gaa https://youtu.be/EGpwfiTr810

At World’s End: Palestine, the ICJ, and a New Dawn in International Law

Why are Israeli soldiers sharing snuff videos from their genocide in Gaza? Decades of impunity, not only for the Israeli regime but also for Israeli individuals guilty of war crimes, has led us to this point. https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2024/1/24/why-are-israeli-soldiers-sharing-snuff-videos-from-their-genocide-in-gaza

Jewish Voice for Peace: This Holocaust Remembrance Day, ‘never again’ is now.

Inside Israel torture camp for Gaza detainees https://www.972mag.com/israel-torture-camp-gaza-detainees/

Have you noticed something about statements from Palestinians including leaders? https://www.facebook.com/reel/2386757741509516
By contrast see statements from Israelis at ongaza.org #7

Need to challenge Zionist infiltration and control of societis to use to defend genocide
Incidentally Sigmund Freud wrote a letter neary a hundred years ago rejecting putting his name in support of the Zionist project on psychological grounds: “Whoever wants to influence the masses must give them something rousing and inflammatory and my sober judgment of Zionism does not permit this… It would have seemed more sensible to me to establish a Jewish homeland on a less historically-burdened land. But I know that such a rational viewpoint would never have gained the enthusiasm of the masses and the financial support of the wealthy.  I concede with sorrow that the baseless fanaticism of our people is in part to be blamed for the awakening of Arab distrust.”

Finally, I share with you a public letter written to me by George Salzman 16 years ago as it is logical and prophetic http://qumsiyeh.org/openletterbygeorgesalzman/

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University
Occupied Palestine
facebook pages
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Jan 1, 2024


 We at the Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability at Bethlehem University (PalestineNature.org) wish you all the best in 2024 and most of all we wish that this year brings an end to the genocide/carnage of our people, to bring freedom to suffering people everywhere (Palestine, Western Sahara, Rohingya in Myanmar, Sudan, Yemen), and to value and protect our planet earth. We wish for the transition to a new world order with least possible suffering and maximum sustainability. We wish for the new order to empower the people, end the "might make right" philosophy, reduce the huge inequality and racism that infects humanity, and we et closer to living in harmony with nature. May justice which brings peace prevail and all living things be maximally protected.

We will get you our (palestinenature.org) annual report later this month to see how we  (volunteers, donors, staff) worked tirelessly in 2023 to achieve sustainable human and natural communities.  In 2-3 months, we will also have a booklet of our collective (staff and volunteer) past achievements and plans for the years ahead as we celebrate our 10th year (in June 2024). I and Jessie volunteer full time (7 days a week, 15-17 hours per day with no vacations). Thus, like others here we try to reflect on achievements in 2023 (with help from others), challenges encountered, and plan for 2024. We also ask for your collaboration to do even more together. Here is what I wrote on this last night for my own plans.


1) Published 12 research papers and helped in five others published from museum, Total 17 publications in diverse areas (list below)
2) Published 5 articles and was interviewed for several others (all not peer reviewed)
3) Was interviewed (audio or video) over 110 times this year
4) Successful trip to London, UAE, US and Qatar (research, networking, fundraising)
5) Fundraising: submitted for 6 grants, two got funded, two rejected and two are pending
6) Project oversight: Completed one 3.5 year project (EU) and oversaw development of seven ongoing projects including new renovation and building (ASHA and Masri Foundation funded-- most work here), Environmental DNA (Royal Society), genetic resources of plants (GGI/BGCI), wetland conservation (CEPF/Birdlife), Clearing house mechanism (EQA/Belgium) & Children education (Cremisan & Probst projects)
7) Gave >110 talks to audiences both online and in person to visiting delegations and during travels  
8) From 18 November started a weekly online meeting about situation of Palestine
9) Volunteer work oversight including monthly staff and volunteer meeting
10) Work in garden (average 3-4 hours weekly especially Saturday/Sunday/holidays)
11) Administrative structure and operations of the institute and its different sections and departments (see palestinenature.org) including implementation of new structure, staff and BU meetings etc
12) Higher education: a) new bachelor program in biodiversity and sustainability program, b) teaching MSc level advanced molecular biology at AAUP, c) supervised several master students both in biology and tourism.
13) Conservation: Led in the National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity, The National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, and the new Protected Area Network. All adopted by government and shape or work.
14) Developed a data base of environmental impact on the environment
15) Cytogenetics work: 257 patient cases in 2023
16) CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: a) Engaged tens of thousands via regular emails including since early October on Gaza situation (>300 hours on issues like digest of information, writing emails 3-4 times/week), b) As Bethlehem Rotary president the work including over 100 hours including dealing with Rotary mixed messages on Gaza; c)  added over 3000 new emails of people met/engaged (now >55,000 receive emails), d) work with Hassan Mustapha Center, e) One Democratic State group...etc

With support from amazing staff and volunteers, I achieved more than I expected/planned in 2023 in all areas as noted above except two: 1) fundraising, 2) lag on my two books. Also as usual, some things became less of a priority and others gained importance> For example I worked hard on research relating to impact of war on the environment in the third quarter of 2023 (unanticipated but essential). 2023 main challenges include restrictions on movement and work (from the Israeli occupation), threats received (including death threats), difficulties for friends and relatives economically here and in Gaza, the trauma of Gaza, loss of my mother, and lack of time and difficulty being patient with development of others around me. Also being more forgiving of my shortcomings. Sometimes we need more action and less time spent trying to convince racists/Zionists of the folly of their way. I think we can do better and there are opportunities for improvement in efficiency and better utilization of volunteers.

PLEDGE : Do not look away from suffering..Channel anger into positive energy.... have joyful participation in the sorrows of this world... works smarter and harder...Simplify things...follow conscience... Stay Human

1) Research: a) Publish two research papers and two articles per month (our to do sections of the SOPM and research file  has a list of research priorities), b) One book submitted (hopefully two depending on help in the other tasks)
2) Fundraising and friends’ making (related): a) Organize successful trips to Australia, New Zealand, one other country; b) submit 6 grant proposals (with Rami), c) PR campaign to increase individual donations 30% over 2023 (pending better political circumstances)
3) Education/Exhibits: a) Develop exhibits for the new museum and implement half of them, b) Develop Diploma and BISU program (>100 hours)
4) Administration: a) Complete writing booklet and maximize leverage and action in 10th year anniversary to grow institution b) Develop myself and develop staff & personal assistant and better utilize non-resident volunteers to ensure continuity/growth of PIBS (efficiency, time utilization, capacity).
5) Projects & Consultancies: seven projects and two consultancies work (minimum 20 hours a week).
6) Give 50 workshops/seminars (maybe give up formal course teaching): average 3 hours/per week
7) Continue civic engagement but emphasize ODS
8) Cytogenetic and Molecular labs (Reem to guide on any development). 400 cases?
9) a) Spend minimum 4 hours a week garden work (excercize), b) minimum 5-6 hours a week for personal growth (reading books, attending development seminars), c) minimum 5 hours a week to help others (and donating to needy people)
10) Read 20 books (I have a list)

Again these are my own plans but other staff and volunteers at the institute (palestinenature.org) will do much more. We discuss these plans in our annual retreat this coming Thursday. You will then hear more about collective achievements and plans. We thank those of you whose help and partnership made this possible. Pease contact us if you can help in anyway (in kind donations, volunteer time, cash contribution to the institute etc).  

Here are research papers 2023

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