Dec 2, 2018

Punctuated biological and social evolution?

What is the future for humans and the environment? Will average global temperature continue to rise? Have we passed the tipping point? There are now more body mass of humans and domestic vertebrates than all wild vertebrate animals on earth! In a few years there will be more plastic than fish in oceans and most coral reefs could be gone! Is it “natural” that a handful of billionaires own more wealth than the bottom half of humanity (i.e. more than 3.6 billion people)? What hope is left a sustainable earth ecosystem? What does it take to actually change things? Please share you views after you read these and other questions below.

Will the newly elected President of Brazil help dismantle the last “lung of our earth” (the Amazon rain forest)? With rampant capitalism and human drive for survival, has the world increasingly become dog-eat-dog world? The technology does prevent massive starvation that used to kill 20-40% of people in any one region over a short period of time (as used to happen in in the Middle Ages in Europe). And what of technology that is now so advanced that even a student at the level of my master students in Biotechnology can engineer a human, a deadly disease that can kill millions, or a cure for a certain cancer? Rapidly improving healthcare and biotechnology allows us to quickly deal with epidemic viruses and bacteria before they start. But is this compensated for by environmental maladies leading to skyrocketing suicide rates, depression, learning deficits, congenital birth defects and cancers?

I am over 60 years old and have spent all my life learning, helping others to learn (I do not say teaching), writing, doing charity etc. I have met over 100,000 people and my views and activism reached hundreds of thousands more via writings, media appearances, public lectures etc. Yet I still feel like I know so little about how the world works now let alone how it should work. I do strongly believe in cooperative revolutionary thinking so I offer here a short list of the above questions and others below to prompt a collective brainstorming.

In my travels around the world (so far 48 countries), I see so much injustice and so much suffering. I see democracy actually on the retreat as increasingly those with money can hire the best minds and media to engineer public opinions and voting. Fear has been the biggest weapon which allowed elites to get massive growth in security to keep the masses down. The masses are agitated but the elites think they can manage that like they did with the “occupy movement” and the “black lives matter movement” in the US. The French government is now “dealing” with the massive protests and the Israeli elites and security services hope to deal with mass demonstrations of hungry refugees seeking to return to their homes and lands. Increasingly billions of people are becoming superfluous to the systems: they just do not need these masses. What will people do when 99% of jobs today (of carpenters, doctors, nurses, shop keepers, teachers, lab technicians, service personnel, taxi drivers) are eliminated as automation takes over? People like Tom Friedman and Yuval Noah Harari wrote books articulating how things are now and their views of some issues but I believe they suffer from two main flaws:

They are guided by the notion of superior smart humans who “deserve” to be in charge of human development. They still suffer from notions of “orientalism” (see Edward Said’s book by that name): identifying with the dominant European history they fail to connect to times when civilization came from places like Ancient Mesopotamia, Persia, China, and Egypt. Elitist authors offer no recipes for sustainable environment/ecosystems other than orientalist views. Should we not listen to the native people and take nature into account?  

While believing in social Darwinism, they forget that biological Darwinism had a transformation with the modern synthesis and beyond. For example we understand now things like jumping evolutionary change which can create novel complex structures with minimal genetic changes (this is called punctuated equilibrium or macroevolution). This results genetically from creation of new pathway using existing genes. In social evolution we also see punctuated equilibrium as change can be slow for a long time and then something revolutionary happens. See for example (Guastello 2013. Chaos, catastrophe, and human affairs: Applications of nonlinear dynamics to work, organizations, and social evolution. Psychology Press; Somit, A. and Peterson, S.A. eds., 1992. The dynamics of evolution: the punctuated equilibrium debate in the natural and social sciences. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.; Gould, S.J., 2002. The structure of evolutionary theory. Harvard University Press).Are ideas like Marxism, Darwinism, Relativity, Internet, and amplifying DNA by PCR causes of punctuated social evolution in the same way as genetic “macro” mutations causes of punctuated biological evolution?

Can few people change the world? The Cuban revolution started with 82 individuals and the computer and biotechnology revolution with even fewer! We are always in awe of human creativity and ingenuity. But as the world has become globalized, what will new (intellectual) revolutions look like and can they happen in time to save the planet from the impending catastrophes like nuclear war or global irretrievable climate change? While we think local groups such as our nascent Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability ( and thousands of others around the world are good, what organizational structures are needed to start to foster such new more radical revolutions? Amnesty International and Greenpeace and the International Union for Conservation of Nature do very good work globally but will they be the source of the needed new revolutionary ideology that transforms the trajectory we see whether on human rights (witness Yemen) or the environment? Asking these questions may prompt a discussion and further questions that can lead us to map and work well or at least more efficiently for a sustainable future instead of a dog-eat-dog world that leaves the last dog/human to wonder “what happened”? Please give your thoughts on this blog:

Jul 8, 2018

Khan Al-Ahmar

It breaks my heart to think that Khan Al-Ahmar Palestinian community will likely be ethnically cleansed in two days. Today we went there and also demonstrated at Al-Eizariya where Israel wants to warehouse the 2000+ residents of Khan Al-Ahmar in a crowded area on land that belongs to other Palestinians. The people are heroic and this may yet turn out to be another Al-Araqib. The latter is a Palestinian community in the Negev that rebuilt repeatedly 130 times. Imagine having your home destroyed once and rebuilding it. Now imagine this happening 130+ times. It was very hard to know what to say to the people there who are hanging around their homes and the school and are getting ready for the showdown. The school and other infrastructure was built beautifully from tires and mud and with solar power, they are an environmentally conscious community. Three days ago skirmishes happened as soldiers tried to blockade the entrance to the community and serve final demolition orders. It is hard to describe our feelings. Words are too limiting. Perhaps I will just post the pictures from today and video from Thursday and ask any decent people to go and camp overnight especially Monday night and Tuesday nights. By Tuesday things will be clearer….


May 15, 2018

Signs of end of the civilization and signs of its rejuvenation

There are many signs of end of the civilization and signs of its rejuvenation.  These difficult times do test people's souls and minds and while we find those who fail the test (Netanyahu, Trump, Hagee, BinSalman, etc), we do find so many that pass it and light the way for us.

The signs of an end are so many and they are mostly related to the behavior of the rogue regimes of Israel and te USA: the efforts to challenge climate change, collapse of disarmament deals (first with Russia then with Iran), stealing a city from its people to gift it to immigrant European Jews and celebrating that theft (bad as it is it is horrible when it is related to the most sacred of cities: Jerusalem), massacres and ongoing genocide in Gaza that two million are subjected to (mostly refugees), governments that no longer even pretend to care about human rights or international law. In fact, one sees that most governments support apartheid and ethnic cleansing. I could go on. But there are also signs of hope and struggle.

My book "Popular Resistance in Palestine: A history of Hope and Empowerment" goes over a part of our 130+ year history of amazing resiliance and success. Palestinians around me give me hope. People of Gaza (maligned by racist thugs in international media owned by racist thugs) give us hope. Today a strike is total among millions of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. My students give me hope. They and all young Palestinians are willing to sacrifice even with their lives for the cause (they just need leadership that is sorely lacking). I see hope in the Palestinians demonstrating in Jerusalem and inside areas of Palestine occupied/colonized in 1948. I see it in the angry looks of Israeli colonial soldiers ripping flags out of civilain hands, beating people, frustrated that they are unable to colonize people's minds like they colonized their lands. And while governments in the mentally colonized gulf states (Saudi Arabia and UAE) are silent, people and other governments ACT. South Africa pulled its embassador from "Israel" and so should other countries. People of all faiths act. Naturei Karta (Orthodox Torah Jews) demonstrated in Jerusalem together with their Christian and Muslim Jerusalemites against the imposter false prophets (Kushner, Freedman, Greenblatt, Netanyahu, and Hagee). Boycotts, Divestments, Sanctions will grow. I think people should also boycott and sanction the country that is "the biggest purveyor of violence in the world" (the words of Martin Luther King Jr), that is the USA. We all must ACT now.

More and more people are recognizing Zionist propaganda in the so called mainstream media. For example CNN reports using Zionist speak and interviews mostly Zionist politicians and US politicians who are Zionist. They use terminology that is rather sick: "Dozens die in Gaza as US Embassy opens in Jerusalem" (who died, who killed them we are not told) or people die "in clashes" at the borders of Israel and Gaza (it is not clashes when unarmed civilian refugees are gratuatously massacred as they demonstrate for their Internationally recognized right to return to their homes and lands. The real story of the blood bath over the past 24 hours is that as it "celebrates" having twisted the arm of an American administration to violate International law by relocating its embassy to stolen lands, Israeli apartheid forces massacred 59 unarmed civilians many of them children, one a double amputee and injured over 2000 civilians, over 700 of them with live ammunition.

"The shock from Trump's declaration re the Iran Deal was amplified by his disregard of int'l community, and information provided by international agencies and his relying solely on the word of one man, Benjamin Netanyahu."

Al Walaja: the Palestinian village being slowly squeezed off the map

Articles below by a visitor who spent three months with us in occupied Palestine. Personal Stories of Everyday Violence Under Israeli Occupation of Palestine
On violence
On Children
On women
On politics

Donald Trump, spokesperson for US President Benjamin Netanyahu. Philip Weiss gets it right "There is a powerful rightwing Israel lobby, and Netanyahu is the leader. These are the same forces that pushed for the Iraq war 16 years ago to such ill effect for the Middle East, and they are sowing destruction once again."

The Original Mother’s Day Proclamation

Julia Ward Howe

Arise, all women who have hearts, whether your baptism be that of water or of tears! Say firmly: “We will not have great questions decided by irrelevant agencies, our husbands shall not come to us, reeking with carnage, for caresses and applause.
“Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience. We women of one country will be too tender of those of another country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs.”
From the bosom of the devastated earth a voice goes up with our own. It says, “Disarm, disarm! The sword is not the balance of justice.” Blood does not wipe out dishonor nor violence indicate possession.
As men have often forsaken the plow and the anvil at the summons of war, let women now leave all that may be left of home for a great and earnest day of counsel. Let them meet first, as women, to bewail and commemorate the dead. Let them then solemnly take counsel with each other as to the means whereby the great human family can live in peace, each learning after his own time, the sacred impress, not of Caesar, but of God.
In the name of womanhood and of humanity, I earnestly ask that a general congress of women without limit of nationality may be appointed and held at some place deemed most convenient and at the earliest period consistent with its objects, to promote the alliance of the different nationalities, the amicable settlement of international questions, the great and general interests of peace.

Stay Human

Mar 31, 2018

Losing more people

I am optimistic even though sad.

I am sad that the Israeli regime massacred 17 and injured nearly 1500 unarmed Palestinian civilians yesterday instead of letting them go to their homes and lands to honor Land Day. One was Mohammad Abu Omar (22 years old, others killed were as young as 16). Mohammad was an inspiring gifted artist who made his sand sculptures on the beach in Gaza. His last sculpture was simply ‘#Ana_Raje3’ (I am returning). 

1.3 million refugees in Gaza (>70% of Gaza’s population) long to return and will continue to protest until their internationally recognized rights of return is implemented (they are also asking to end the genocidal Zionist siege of Gaza). Even Israeli human rights groups like B’Tselem chastised the Israeli occupation army for unnecessary violence against unarmed protesters (Gaza is an open air prison not a “war zone”!!). The UN reports that Gaza is unlivable because of the siege. The humanitarian crisis will only deepen. Israel is protected and funded by Zionist occupied USA. The US just shielded Israel one more time from International law at the UN. Murder with impunity? But history will not be kind to criminals or to those who help them (e.g. Saudi Crown Prince who met with Zionist leaders last week!). We Palestinians (with help of decent human beings around the world) shall return and build a society of justice and democracy that replaces this apartheid state. 12.5 million Palestinians (of all religions or no religion) are 100% sure of this. The more atrocities Israel commits the more Israelis and other human beings start to work for peace and justice.

Last week was a sad week personally also. Our friend Rim Al-Banna 51 year old popularized Palestinian folk songs and melodies to the new generation of Palestinians. She lost her batt;le to cancers (cancer rates have been on the rise in our region). Her love of land and people  will never be forgotten. We also lost Robert J Baker who was my PhD advisor. I will always be grateful to him and his wife Laura for shaping my life. He and all who make a difference in our lives will never be forgotten.

Here is what I sent for Robert’s retirement party 2015

We wish we could be with you in such a momentous event. Alas it is not possible and we already feel bad in missing this and missing seeing all of you especially the honoree. I did want to share some reflection with you that illustrate why knowing Robert Baker changed my life. I was doing my master at University of Connecticut when I realized traditional morphology is not going to help me study mammals of the Arab world (something I was keen on doing). I looked for the best person doing chromosome studies on mammals and it was Robert so I wrote to him. While I could have done my PhD in many universities of higher prestige, doing it with Robert was the key in my estimation.  The move in 1982 to Lubbock was the best in my life. Not only was I able to publish really good research but there is where I met my wife Jessie, where we had our son, and where I published my first book. Our wedding was held, where else, but at Baker’s house! I cannot begin to tell you of all the other things Robert did to help us. On several tough periods in my life, Robert and Laura stood by me. When I was so ill that I thought I would never recover, Laura’s connections at the hospital and her personal care were critical but equally so was the psychological support. The same happened with the difficult birth of my son at Lubbock General Hospital (c-section of a complicated situation). We had to struggle in many ways including financially but in many other ways. Robert’s admonition that “What does not kill you only makes you stronger” was critical for example when a disgruntled ex-student tried to defame me to get back at Robert. I was so distraught then that I even considered quitting science but Robert’s wisdom and advise (and the help of fellow graduate students at the time) were critical to pass through that and even come out stronger. Being away from home in Palestine, Robert and Laura where our family. But also this brings people together with graduate students and undergraduate students from many parts of the world. I especially remember how some graduate students with help of Robert and Laura took care of Jessie in 1985 as a new mom while I was in Kenya. This kind of collective caring for each other is what made us a “mammalogy” family! Family are never forgotten.

The experience at TTU shaped our life in so many ways. I know if I had not been Robert’s student, I would have never advanced to career positions at University of Tennessee, Duke, Yale, and then back home. Even after I left Lubbock, I continued to consult with Robert on some things especially when dealing with tough situations. As Robert once said, the umbilical cord is never cut.  I lose friends and colleagues now on a regular basis. I lost 16 close friends since I returned to Palestine in 2008 (most killed by Israeli soldiers as they participated in non-violent resistance to the occupation). It is hard sometimes to keep going but the strength that Robert taught me is part of my character now.  When Robert and Laura faced the horrific situation of losing a son, I knew that while you never get over it, that they have the character to go on.
The best form of flattery is of course imitation and I now try to help my master students at Birzeit and Bethlehem Universities in the same way I was helped (and pushed hard). Thus, we now have the first functioning clinical and research laboratory (cytogenetics and DNA) in the West Bank. We established masters programs in biotechnology (at Bethlehem University) and environmental studies (at Birzeit University). With volunteers and students, we are also building the first Palestine Museum of Natural History (see My belief is that this is the ripple effect that started 33 years ago in Lubbock, TX. Thank you Robert for all you have done but most of all for being who you are. If I was with you in person, I could tell you of many more anecdotes/interesting reflections from the “critters’ stew” to the golden retriever puppies to sleeping in the lab and more. I actually did write some of these experiences in reflection on three decades in the US. The book will be titled “Joyful Participation: Reflections of a Palestinian –American on three decades in the USA” which alludes to the Buddhist admonition that we “have joyful participation in the sorrows of this world.” In that book the goodness of people like Robert is highlighted. The ripple effect of giving will never retire and I am sure Robert will stay as busy as ever. I am certain our paths will cross again. In fact I would like to extend an invitation to you to visit us in Palestine. It would even be a highlight of my life to go to the field one more time together.

I remain optimistic that this planet earth will reclaim all that it was meant to be: a paradise. We are losing more people but gaining more wisdom....

Stay human
Mazin Qumsiyeh
Professor, Founder, and Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History (PMNH)
Palestine Institute For Biodiversity and Sustainability (PIBS)
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Bethlehem University, Occupied (but soon to be free) Palestine
Sustainability, Youth Education and Empowerment
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Feb 1, 2018

مستقبل القضية الفلسطينية

أ.د. مازن قمصية

كثير منا لا يعلم حقائق تاريخ الفلسطنيين في بلادهم وأن العرق الكنعاني في دمنا ولباسنا وأكلنا وأن كثير من قصص الأديان مل صراع الملك داهود مع الفلسطينيين هي قصص دينية ليس لها تاريخ في علم الآثار. تاريخ فلسطين تاريخ طويل حافل بالمآسي والنجاح ، بالأمل والعطاء ولكنه ضائع. مع الأسف وحتى بين شعبنا العربي هناك طمس لبعض الحقائق والمعلومات التي قد تتعارض مع بعض الإتجاهات السياسية المعنية وهنالك صهينة لتاريخنا وتطبيع يتماشا مع مصالح المستعمرين.

الأمثلة عديدة  وتشمل تغيير حقائق (مثلا عن تاريخنا الكنعاني) وطمس حقائق أحر مثلاً وعدي بلفور البريطاني وكامبون الفرنسي 1917 والذين كانا لأن الحرك الصهيونية وعدت بجلب الولايات المتحدة للحرب العالمية الأولى . هنالك أيضا تعاون الحركة الصهيونية مع القيادات العربية وحتى مع الحركة النازية لتصفية الشعب الفلسطيني وقضيته -- تعاون شمل زيارات واتفاقيات رسمية وأموال.

في هذا المقال لن أستطيع التطرق لهذا التاريخ بشكل أوسع (كتبي فيها هذه المعلومات) ولكن أود أن الخص أفكار الحلول العادلة والشاملة والنشاطات التي تقام ويمكن أن تقام لتحقيق هذه الحلول. بعض ما يكتب هنا هو تلخيص كما ورد في كتابي "مشاركة أرض كنعان: حقوق الانسان والصراع الفلسطيني الإسرائيلي".

من التاريخ:

دراسات الآثار وعلوم الوراثة الإنسانية، تؤكد أن الشعب الفلسطيني بالأغلبية الكثيرة منحدر من الشعوب الكنعانية." ارض كنعان" من الآرامية كلمة قنعان من قنع يقتنع بمعنى الأرض خصبة (الهلال الخصيب وبداية الزراعة في العالم وبداية الحضارات هنا). اللغة "السامية" القديمة هي الآرامية والتي كانت لغة العالم التجارية أيضا قبا 5000 سنة. الأحرف الأرامية الأصلية تحولت إلى الأحرف العربية بين الشعوب الكنعانية في جنوب الأردن وفلسطين ( النبطيين وهم الذين بنوا عدة مدن منها غزة والبتراء وبئر السبع). الحروف الآرامية أيضا تحولت للحروف العبرية وللحروف اللاتينية. أنا كمسيحي عربي أذكر دائما أن حضارتي هي الحضارة الإسلامية العربية والتي أغنت واندمجت مع الحضارة الكنعانية الآرامية. لغتنا ولهجتنا الفلسطينية وكلماتنا هي مزيج تقريبا متساوي من الآرامية (مثلا جوا, برا, حاكورة, شباك’ بعل, ألخ) والعربية. الحضارة الإسلامية العربية كانت مهمة جدا. أمثالنا الشعبية هي إسلامية عربية (مثلا من القرآن الكريم والحديث النبوي الشريف) وأيضا من الكنعانية الآرامية (التي جمعها جدي عيسى عطاالله ونشرها في كتاب شامل).

من ناحية الديانات فإنّ الديانة الوحداوية (وحدة الله) ثبت وجودها في عدة أماكن في غرب آسيا من إيران إلى مصر. الديانة اليهودية المتبعة حالياٌ في معظم البلدان تطورت في القرن الثالث الميلادي وهي لا تشبه إلا بأمور شكلية الديانة اليهودية، التي وجدت  زمن ولادة عيسى المسيح ومما لا يعرفه الكثير أن الشعب اليهودي الأوروبي بالغالبية اعتنق الديانة اليهودية الحاخامية (المحوره) في القرون الوسطى (1200-1500 بعد الميلاد).  كانت هناك دولة الخازار والتي قرر ملكها أن يحول شعبه للدين اليهودي لسهولة التعامل بين الدولة البيزنطية والدولة الإسلامية  وقد سمي أتباع هذا الدين بالأشكنازا (Ashkenaz)،واللغة التي استخدموها هي لغة اليديش (Yiddish).  من بينهم من طور فكرة الصهيونية العالمية وهي فكرة تأسيس الدولة اليهودية (والخيارات كانت تشمل دولة فلسطين أو إفريقيا أو جنوب أمريكا) كملجأ آمن للصهاينة المتحكمين بالعالم (وليس لليهود).

الصهيونية حركة قوية ومنظمة، نجحت أيضا بسبب الضعف العربي في تحقيق جزء من أحلامها.. هذا الجزء الناجح تطوير قومية ولغة عبرية لم يكن ضمن أجزائها الرئيسية والتي تتطلب قوة عسكرية ضخمة وهيمان إقتصادي على العالم الواقع في محيطها وأكثر من ذلك فإنّ طموحات الصهيونية عالٍ جداً ولا مجال لذكرها هنا، من المهم أن نؤكد هنا أنه يوجد الكثير من اليهود (سواء متدينيين أو غير متدينيين) لم يقتنعوا بالحركة الصهيونية ويعتبرون أنغسهم اما ضد الصهيونية او فقط لا صهيونيين.

والصهونية والإمبريالية الأوروبية لهما تاريخ حافل يشمل  عام 1845 عندما أسست بريطانيا أول مؤسسة صهيونية و عام 1880 عندما مول البريطانيون الصهيونيون أول مستعمرة لليهود الأوروبيين في فلسطين إلى عام 1919 عندما قدمت الحكومات الفرنسية والبريطانية وعودها (جولس وبلفور) بجذب مساعدات للصهاينة في امريكا وغيرها لصالح هذه الحكومات في الحرب العالمية الأولى وفي عام 2002 عندما دفع اللوبي الصهيوني أمريكا لحرب العراق الأخيرة.

السلام العادل لقضية فلسطين:

السلام العادل والشامل لقضية فلسطين يحقق ما يسمى الثوابت الفلسطينية وهي حق العودة للاجئين الفلسطينيين وحق تقرير المصير والديموقراطية التي تشمل المساواة وحماية حقوق الجميع. اقامة دولة عاصمتها القدس لا يجب أن تأتي على حساب حقوق الإنسان.

نقطة مهمة: في فلسطين الآن لا يمكن اقامة دولتين ذات سيادة فلسطينية وإسرائيلية إلا إذا كان هذا حل انتقالي لسلام شامل يشمل المشاركة والمساواة في ظل حكم واحد.
سأبدي هنا بعض الأسباب لهذا (للتفصيل أنظر كتابي عن مشاركة أرض كنعان):

1.  لم ينتهي أي استعمار آخر بدولتين. الخيارات الثلاثة لإنهاء الإستعمار هي: 1) نموذج الجزائر 2) نموذج استراليا (إبادة السكان الأصليين), 3) نموذج معظم الدول (جنوب أمريكا, كندا, آسيا, جنوب افريقيا) وهو التعايش في دولة واحدة . الإستعمار لا يمكن أن يقبل حق الشعب الأصلي حتى في العيش في منطقة صغيرة جدا لأن هذا يقوض فكرة الإستعمار (فما الفرق بين رام الله وحيفا)
2.  فلسطين كانت دائما تعدادية ترفض الهيمنة (مثلا رفضنا الصليبيين). رحبنا باليهود والأرمن والشركس والدروز والأثيوبيين المسيحيين والمغربة وغيرهم. التنوع هوة قوة سواء في الحيوانات والنباتات (الطبيعة) أو في المجتمعات الإنسانية. أفكار الهيمنة والعنصرية تفشل سواء من الصليبيين أو النازيين أو البيض في جنوب إفريقيا أو الصهاينة.
3.   الأرض صغيرة جدا ولا سبيل إلى تقسيمها فهناك أمور كالموارد الطبيعية من مياه وغيره وموارد سياحية(مثلا القدس للديانات الثلاثة) التي لا يمكن فصلها. هذا بدون ذكر البيئة والأقتصاد وغيرها).
4.  معظم اللاجئين هم من أراضي 1948 وحقهم للرجوع فردي وجماعي لا يمكن التخلي عنه في ظل سلام عادل يستمر وإنّ حق الرجوع هذا لا يتناسب مع دولة تعرف نفسها أنها يهودية ولها قوانيين عنصرية.. من هذه القوانين قوانين تعطي الحق لأي يهودي في العالم (أي من يعتنق الديانة اليهودية) بأن يأتي إلى إسرائيل (أي فلسطين) ويحصل على الجنسية الإسرائيلية مباشرة والعيش على أرض فلسطينية مستعصبة. على اية حال عودة اللاجئين وأخذ حقوقهم الطبيعية يعني نهاية حل الدولتين (دولة يهودية اسرائيلية ودولة فلسطينية).
5.  إن مفهوم العالم للدولة يتغير. مفهوم الدولة الوطنية تطور خاصة في أوروبا بعد إنهيار الإمبراطوريات الأوروبية. الأوروبيون الإستعماريون الإمبريالييون بعدها طوروا هذا المفهوم للبلاد التي استعمروها لفترة تعطيهم إمكانية السيطرة.من خلال مغهوم فرق تسد وهكذا نشأت دول كلنا وتنراينا وتونس والمغرب في بلاد وأرض لم تكن تعرف هذا المبدأ (الدولة الوطنية ) (State Nation). وكما نعرف فإن الأوروبيين الآن في طريقهم للتخلص من هذا النظام وخلق نظام جديد : الإتحاد الأروبي. وبقينا هنا في العالم العربي نحمل العبء الأوروبي القديم.

هذه أربع أسباب من عدة أخرى يمكن ذكرها والتي يجب أن نبدأ كفلسطنيين وككل سكان غرب آسيا (من عرب وغيرهم كالاكراد وعبريين) بالتفكير فيها. ويجدوا هنا ان أذكر أن هذا لا يعني التخلي عن تراثنا وحضارتنا وأفكارنا الأخرى ولا عن إنتماءاتنا الطبيعية والعقائدية.

الحضارة في الأندلس مثال على  التآخي والازدهار والاقتصاد والفكر والذي شمل مفكرون وباحثون مسلمون ومسيحيون ويهود ولغات متنوعة وجمع تاريخ اسباني وعربي وانفتاح على العالم بأكمله. هذه الأولوية التي لا ترى حدوداُ بأشباك وبجذور بل ترى جسورا على العالم بين الشعوب والأمم "وجعلناكم أمماٌ وشعوبا لتتعارفوا".

كما ذكرت سابقا فإن تاريخ فلسطين هو مزيج من الكنعاني الأصلي والعربي ومزيج من الديانات. هذا يجب في رأيي أن يحثنا على العمل باتجاه التعدادية ورفض سرقة تراثنا (حتى كلمة شاقل كوصف للعملة الفلسطينية هي كنعانية وليست اسرائيلية أو يهودية). هنا نستطيع في فلسطين أن نقود العالم على النهج الصحيح ليس نهج العنصرية والطائفية والكراهية.

كيف نغير الأمور

هناك نشاطات جيدة لصالح الحل الشامل والعادل وهناك الملايين المتضامنين معنا حتى في الولايات المتحدة و بريطانيا بدأت حملات قوية في المظاهرات والإعلام الصحفي والمقاطعة وسحب الإستثمار كما حصل ضد العنصرية في جنوب افريقيا هناك الدعم للصمود الفلسطيني وهنال الكثير من النشاطات التعليمية وغيرها. ومع الاختلافات السياسية هناك خاصة في الجيل العربي الجديد تطلعات وإمكانيات يفتخر بها. ومع تطور الحاسوب الالكتروني والانترنت اصبحت إمكانيات التقارب والتعاون للخير أكثر. ليس هناك نقص في الامكانيات والقدرات. التغيير الشخصي يأتي عن طريق العمل. العمل الميداني (المقاومة الإيجابية البنائة) هي التي تقود التغيير. للنزل جميعا لميادين العمل. التشخيص خطوة ولكن الخطوات العملية للعلاج (العمل) أهم.