Nov 9, 2011

Netanyahu admitted lying before

I do not know why people are surprised at what Sarkozy and Obama said to each other in private about Netanyahu as a liar.  This is after all the same Netanyahu who gave a speech to dozens of Likud Party members in Eilat in which he admitted this is his strategy. According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz (15 July 2001): " his audience a bit of advice on how to deal with foreign interviewers (Netanyahu said): 'Always, irrespective of whether you're right or not, you must always present your side as right.'"  So Netanyahu admits lying and Sarkozy and Obama merely agreed with Netenyahu and most of the Israeli public that the current Israeli prime minister is a liar.  And here is Netanyahyu, thinking cameras are off, bragging about how easy it is to manipulate the US and go around the Oslo commitments: (make sure to click CC for English subtitle.)

The faux pas at the G20 apparently happened when Sarkozy and Obama were alone and a microphone connected to a media room was still on.  Sarkozy apparently said to Obama at one point that he cannot stand Netanyahu who is a liar and Obama answered that he has to deal/work with him every day.  While unintentional this shows something more disturbing about politicians than the issue of lying (which they are well known for). They know what is right but they act based on fear of lobbies and they lie about what they know to their public.  I think Western politicians buy the anti-Semitic notion of Jewish influence and control (a notion unfortunately propelled by Zionist Jews).  As one Zionist leader once said "we rather be feared than loved."  And as anyone who knows fear (including the one Zionist spread among Jews), it is always the image of it than the reality that matters.  I personally think that just a few more people acting on their convictions rather than on their fears would change things.  If Obama and Sarkozy stand up to the Zionists while they are in office (not like Carter after he left office), what would happen? The answer is: we will have a better world and these politicians would be more popular.  I say this because I do not think Sarkozy is smarter than the average French or Obama smarter than the average American.  The people know and the people do not like to be lied to and pulled to wars to serve the racist ideology of political Zionism.  This is especially the case when the leaders of this ideology claim they want peace and security while they do everything in their powers to undermine peace and security.

Those of us who do not have memories stretching back decades, can at least think of the 2003 war on Iraq and who pushed for it, with what lies (WMD, terrorism etc) and what was their real motives (people like Perle, Wolfowitz, and yes Netanyahu).  Now the same criminal gang is pushing for a war on Iran.  Unfortunately, like the war on Iraq, there are self-interested Arab leaders who think this is an opportunity to support the power that keeps them in power (US government which is under fear of influence of the lobbies).  I am worried about the collusion of dictatorships in the Arabian Peninsula who (mistakenly) think that such a war might end the Arab spring.  But after my visit to Egypt and Jordan and talking with Arabs from other countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc), I am convinced that they (policy makers in Washington and Tel Aviv who push for war) are miscalculating again just like they did with Iraq. The neocon conservatives/Zionists who pushed for the war on Iraq believed it would strengthen Israeli hegemony.  Instead it strengthened Iran and groups like Hezbollah and Hamas.  An attack on Iran might only accelerate the already evident decline in colonial power. I know some Palestinians would like to see that but others like me believe it is too costly in lives of Iranians and Israelis (and of course Iranian weapons will not distinguish Israeli from Palestinian lives as we are  intricately mingled now thanks to Israeli colonial activities all over historic Palestine). I hope politicians in power see the danger before it is too late.

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