Sep 27, 2012

Apartheid leader lectures the UN

The Prime Minister of Apartheid Israel just lectured the United Nations General Assembly! He spent most of his time nagging those present as if they were school children about Iran.  He even insulted their intelligence by showing them a diagram of a "bomb" and drawing a red line on it (yes literally with an actual red marker).  He also went about insulting 1.6 billion Muslims and even had the "chutzpa" to claim Israel is helping people around the world!  Those in attendance were less numerically and qualitatively than those who attended the Iranian president's speech.  Netanyahu thus utterly failed to anticipate the transformed reality around him and acted as if Israel can still run the show and start wars that others fight for it.  He must have not even been briefed on the Egyptian President's speech. The first democratically elected leader of Egypt received significant applause when he said that the world community must stop the hypocrisy and charade of injustice beginning with "the number one" issue: justice for Palestine.  Netanyahu merely dismissed Mahmoud Abbas's speech with just one sentence "we won't solve our conflict with libelous speeches at the UN or unilateral declarations of statehood." [No we solve them via continuing colonization]. He dismissed all Palestinians and their rights by claiming they need to recognize a "Jewish state" then they could be allowed a vague but "dimiltarized state".  The very moderate/accommodating PLO representative Mahmoud Abbas had said that he wanted to gain the overdue legitimacy for a Palestinian state at the UN and "not delegitimize Israel". But Israel has done a very good job of delegitimizing itself.  Israel in fact should be expelled from the United Nations because it failed to live up to its commitments to implement UN resolutions or to be a peace seeking nation. It also fulfils the requirement of being an apartheid state according to the relevant International Convention.  Netanyahu's war mongering and idiotic speech merely confirmed the obvious conclusion about this rogue state: it is run by lunatics. So on the bright side, perhaps putting the last few nails in the coffin of this apartheid system will come from lying racist idiots like Netanyahu.  The frustrated reaction from many world leaders and the shocked reaction by many others to Netanyahu's "lecture" give us great hope for the future. Indeed the racist mentality and arrogant criminal actions of this man and other Zionists could be the best accelerator for the end of apartheid Israel.   "The jig maybe up" as they say in English.

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