Sep 17, 2012

30 years of mayhem

This is the thirtieth anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre.  We now have documentary evidence of Israeli and American roles in this preventable massacre of hundreds of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.** The intensity of private USA-Israel disputes must have increased in the past 30 years even as the mayhem also increased (for example one million Iraqis killed by US led sanctions, one million more by the illegitimate invasion and occupation beginning in 2003).  Netanyahu and other Zionists seemed very frustrated that attempts to bully the US into a war on Iran, like they did on Iraq, are failing.  Disputes that used to happen behind closed doors are now out in the open.   Israel is not even able to get the US to give them any assurances of protection if they attack Iran and Iran retaliates with thousands of improved missiles.  There is so much dissent now even within Israeli elites who directly benefit from stirring up conflicts.  Thus any decision to create more wars and suffering seems highly unlikely before the US Presidential elections in November.  Thus fortunes are being spent by the Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson and other Zionists "banking" on the Republican Mitt Romney.  A media frenzy led by Zionists will also not succeed unless we get an "October surprise". 

The Zionist attempt to stir a "clash of civilization" between Christianity and Islam is failing.  The angry protests being fomented drew less than 0.01% of the world Muslim population and most of these demonstrations were not similar to the attack in Libya that killed the US Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans.  The Zionists in charge of a significant portion of Western mainstream media tried to exaggerate and to stoke the fires but they are failing.  The largest demonstration in the Arab world is likely to be the well-disciplined Hezbollah led mass march and rally in Beirut Monday.  Its leader Hassan Nasrallah already stated that he rejects the violence inflicted on US diplomats in Libya.  The Libyan government was forced to admit that this was a pre-planned attack which likely had other motives (not the offending amateur video).  So many good people are working behind the scenes to ensure Zionists fail in their attempts to plant seeds of divisiveness and wars in so many fronts.  I actually feel the tide is shifting dramatically.  Perhaps that explains the frustration and anger of Netanyahu et al.  Unfortunately such apartheid regimes do their most damage in their last few years.  So the past few weeks Israel intensified its attack on the native Palestinians and issued more orders to transfer lands to racist Jewish settlers.

**See See also my review of an important book on the massacre: (For other important historical events that happened in September, visit

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Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD


  1. Hello, Mazin. Here is some good news which matches with your idea about the turning tide. California Students stand against state legislature's call for curtailing of free speech on Israel.

  2. I mean, look at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The most powerful, well-equipped, technologically advanced military in human history cannot stabilize fourth rate, impoverished, and virtually defenseless countries because of the popular resistance to the occupation in those countries. Imagine the level of popular resistance if a foreign country invaded the US? The occupying country would not last 24 hours here

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