Feb 9, 2024

Four months

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What is the bottom line after 4 months of onslaught following the initial October 7 Gaza Ghetto Uprising? Where are we?
In Gaza: The killing of 27,967 Palestinians (including 12,345 children, 8,000 women, 339 medical workers, 223 journalists, 152 UN employees and 46 civil defence). This is not counting thousands under the rubble. The wounding of 71,378 Palestinians. The destruction of 79,000 houses and 25,010 buildings (including banks, markets, bakeries…), partially damaged housing units 290,000, and destruction of 30 hospitals, 99 schools and universities (334 partially destroyed schools and universities), 161 Mosques, 3 Churches, 140 Government Buildings (including the Legislative Council building, the Gaza Municipality building, the public library and theatre, the cultural centre, water and electricity stations…), 122 ambulances, and 195 heritage sites some dating back to 800 BC. The displacement of 2,000,000 Palestinians. The detention of 4,000 Palestinians. And the final stage of Israel's genocide is unfolding with mass starvation while the International Community will not stop it.
In the West Bank: The killing of 382 Palestinians (including 101 children). The wounding of 4,400 Palestinians. The detention of 6,870 Palestinians. The devastation of the economy and the educational system due to ghettoization and apartheid colonial policies.

Israeli regime and regionally: Israeli fascist regime climbed up a tree that involved committing genocide to make the Palestinians surrender. Palestinian resistance did not surrender and inflicted heavy casualties on the Israeli army trying to invade Gaza strip. Hundreds of Israeli soldiers were killed and thousands injured. Over 1000 tanks and APCs were destroyed or damaged. As the global demonstrations continued to grow, only blackmailed and/or bribed western politicians (and the media arms) stayed in support of the genocidal and apartheid Zionist regime. But even those are now trying to have their cake and eat it too: they physically support the genocide militarily and diplomatically while verbally expressing "concern" about "humanitarian situation in Gaza". No one believes them. That is how we understand the US and British government positions. But among the people there is a paradigm shift. More than 800 civil servants from the U.S., the UK, and the European Union released a statement criticizing their governments’ support of Israel in its war in Gaza, warning that such policies could be contributing to war crimes and violations of international law.

As for Israeli positions as I predicted 20 years ago, they get more and more fascist. Benjamin Mileikowski (fake name Netanyahu) while Hitlerian in his views and actions is more mild than the ascending populist ultra hitlers: Gantz (who called Palestinains human animals and cut off water, fuel, food, and medicine) to BenGvir (who armed marauding zionazi settlers to hundt Palestinians) to Smotrich (a settler who called for ethnic cleansing and genocide by hunger and who sas finance minister stole Palestinain money). These three will be the face of "Israel" in a post-Likud government. The fact that Israel sent Blinken empty handed and rejected the fair offer of the resistance and wants to keep the genocide ongoing is an indication of where things are headed.

Regionally, the local banana republic presidents and leaders will need to assess whether the US and Israel can keep them on as their tools against the wishes of their people or will they face the fate of Shah Pahlavi of Iran. From the Moroccan King to Egyptian Dictator Sisi who destroyed Egyptian Economy) to the spoiled brat ruling the UAE and all in between. A rising tide of resistance is spreading in our regions and the US, UK, Germany et al. continue to make terrible decisions against their own national interest in other places too (see this conversation with Vladimir Putin)

MUST WATCH: Palestinian American doctor tells of losing some 100 family members

Important Palestine Human Rights Organizations Council statement: Palestinian Organizations Express Disappointment and Call for an Inquiry Regarding the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide’s Failure to Fulfil Her Mandate in Addressing Israel’s Ongoing Genocide in Gaza

Israeli civil organizations call for immediate ceasefire

Israeli Gas Exploration Licenses in Palestine’s Maritime Areas are Illegal and Violate International Law

U.S. Court Concludes Israel’s Assault on Gaza Is Plausible Case of Genocide

Anti-Zionism as Decolonisation

Zionists Epstein and Maxwell worked for Mossad to extort politicians including Trump

Israel attacking their own ultra orthodox citizens. Many ultra orthodox Jews are not for war or violence, as opposed to the Zionist settlers who are sick sadists, and want nothing but blood, starvation, and carnage on a path to Judea.

Former Israeli Negotiator Daniel Levy states: Only U.S. Pressure on Israel Can End Gaza Assault, Lead to Truce

McDonald's and Starbucks admit BDS is working [we need more boycotts of US and "Israeli" products.

Donation to UNRWA’s work in Gaza https://donate.unrwa.org/gaza/

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

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