Jun 23, 2014

Presbyterian divest

Bad news first then good news
In the past 10 days, Israeli occupation soldiers murdered 7 Palestinians (including a 13 year old child), injured dozens, kidnapped nearly 400, demolished many houses, destroyed contents and broken doors on hundreds of homes invaded in the middle of the night, blocked travel to hundreds of thousands, and continues to imprison thousands many on hunger strike for being held without charge for months. One of the people they kidnapped is also Samer Aleisawi who is famous for having the longest hunger strike in history as a political prisoner. He was released only after human rights activists and human rights organizations exerted significant pressure on Israel He was now kidnapped using the excuse of three missing colonial settlers (which maybe a false flag operation to detract from the suffering of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners). In those 10 days, Apartheid Israel received nearly 100 million dollars from US taxpayers unaware of what their congress is doing with their money. And to add insult to injury the colonial apartheid state was given a vice president position in a UN agency that is supposed to fight colonialism. To say all of this is Orwellian would be the understatement of the year.

In those ten days other US supported regimes cracked down. Egyptian kangaroo courts passed death sentences and long prison terms on hundreds of their political opponents (including even journalists just doing their job). US supported "Saudi" regime puppets executed hundreds in Iraq.

But there are signs of resistance every where. Israeli parliament member Haneen Zoabi (a decent Palestinian leader in 1948 occupied areas) was brave to say the truth others did not dare say: resistance to occupation is legitimate, collaboration with occupiers against native people is treacherous. Demonstrations were held in Ramallah against the Palestinian authority (even throwing stones at a PA police station). This after  the PA police blocked several demonstrations some of them by family members of the Palestinian youth imprisoned by Israel.  There was resistance to the invading Israeli army in dozens of villages. Al-Aqsa martyrs brigade issues a statement from Balata refugee camp finally openly accusing Mahmoud Abbas of treason. But Abbas sent his wife to an Israeli hospital to give the Israelis a good media opportunities to vilify the Palestinians and beautify the occupiers.  But the most significant news of all: The Presbyterian church general assembly voted to divest from three American companies that aid the Israeli occupation: Motorola, Hewlett Packard, and Caterpillar. I wrote on my facebook page after the vote:

"Despite all the Zionist racist tactics that tried to intimidate, pressure, bully and trick commissioners, there was still enough of them principled enough to stand that and vote for what is right. Thank you to the Presbyterian church.. Presbyterians light the way for the rest of humanity.. kudos to all including our activists at Al-Rowwad who sent the message on the wall, the thousands of peace activists who wrote and acted and spoke out. Special mention to Jewish Voice for Peace. You all rock. We love you from Bethlehem"

Now our job is to resist to end this charade. We ,must approach other churches and we must engage in massive rebellion against the repression. Freedom is not freely given and it takes effort. Time to act is now.

Note: thousands of activists worked very hard

Message from Jewish Voice for Peace

Presbyterian Church Israel/Palestine mission network

Presbyterian Church resolution as passed

The number of registered Palestinian refugees 5.4 million (plus many unregistered) http://www.imemc.org/article/68172

It is time to imagine a future without the "Palestinian authority"


  1. Thank God for the peacemakers and those with the courage to stand up for peace and truth. May He bring peace to all of the Holy Land and the world.

  2. Dear Mazin,

    This wave of murder and repression is truly disgusting.

    I tried to post the following Comment to your post on this and the Presbyterian divestment decision, but can’t because I don’t have any of the profiles. If you wish, please post it under my name.

    I'm glad the Presbyterians have done this, but boycotting and divesting in this limited way is not enough. The cause of the occupation and apartheid in the West Bank, the imprisonment of Gaza, the apartheid in 'Israel' and the refusal of return for diaspora Palestinians is the state of Israel. So only a blanket boycott of and divestment in the state of Israel makes sense to me - not some partial boycott/divestment concerning the West Bank only.
    Like with the South African boycott, a simple, principled message will I think have more success: Boycott Israel, period. ‘Boycott or divest in companies who are complicit in Israel’s immoral settlements in the West Bank’ is just too complicated and speaks to not even half the story.
    There is a danger that focussing on WB means the Right of Return and apartheid within Israel take the back seat. Meretz MK Tamar Zandberg for instance also boycotts 'settlement' goods and wants a Palestinian 'state' in de-occupied WB - in order to save the Zionist (‘Jewish and democratic’) state! All of Palestine is occupied and 90% of Israeli cities, towns and villages are settlements.
    Please argue with me if you think I'm being to fundamental or something.

    Thank you and all the best,
    Blake Alcott