Aug 31, 2013

Obama and global intifada

It is not difficult to understand the power-game being played in Syria and no decent human being should stand on the sideline in a conflict that will shape the future of our humanity.  The global intifada (uprising) is spreading and it is rejecting war and hegemony and now even President Obama is reeling under pressure.  It is an earthquake that is shaking the very foundation of post-WWII world order (what used to be referred to mistakenly as “the American century” when it was really the Zionist century).  The British, French and American public long exposed to Zionist propaganda have joined the revolution.  Politicians started to panic especially after the British parliament voted against war. This was the first major and stunning defeat to the US/Israel hegemony of British politics since WWII.

US President Obama was stuck after the British vote and the clear solid position of Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Russia, China and even overwhelming public opposion in the US despite the attempt to whip frenzy by Israel media stooges like Wolf Blitzer of CNN.   Obama was also stunned by what his own intelligence services told him about potential repercussions of a military strike on Syria especially without UN mandate and without US public support.  These repercussions included presence of strong defensive and offensive capabilities in Syria. There was intelligence leaks about downed “test” incursion. But repercussions discussed include strengthening rather than weakening Iran (after all, this is what happened after Iraq!).  President Obama spent countless hours talking with his Zionist and non-Zionist advisers and key government officials (there are no anti-Zionists in his group). Faced with no good option in trying to maintain Israel/US hegemony, Obama decided not to decide and shift the debate to Congress to buy time. Now it is up to the American people who overwhelmingly reject war on Syria to stand up and pressure the Israeli-occupied US congress to do what is good for US citizens not what they perceive to be good for Zionism. 

The Russian president spoke of a number of key points that he called “common sense” while Obama just lied.  Russia and the US had agreed to the parameters of a political conference in which all sides were invited. Russia talked the Syrian government into attending this Geneva conference (even though most Syrians opposed a dialogue with Western backed thugs and Western backed mercenaries). Under Israeli pressure, the US administration started to rethink their agreement and their stooges announced they cannot join discussion with their opponents unless their opponents are defeated and surrender!  Syrian government forces then gained momentum against the Western and Israeli backed extremist rebels and cornered them in very few pockets.  Syria was opening up and international inspectors were coming.   Putin rightly points out that under such conditions: who has the benefit of using chemical weapons: the Syrian government or the rebels trying to provide excuses for Western defeat of a government they could not defeat themselves? It is common sense. Syria, Russia and China and all humanity ask logically: if the US has proof that the Syrian government used chemical weapons to attack its own people (including its own soldiers), then give us the proof. They rightly ask why the mandate of UN inspectors was  limited to only find out if they were used but not to explore who might have used them. After the lies Israeli and US intelligence concocted to go the war on Iraq, they now seem rather reluctant to manufacture evidence again. 

Obama lied about many other things and perhaps the only part of his speech that touched on reality is when he admitted that he is part of a system and that he cannot make a decision by himself.  The military-industrial complex is now too entrenched in US politics for any president to challenge it.  In fact, no one would be allowed to become president if they were to have even a slight chance of potential to challenge it.  So Obama says: I am with the machine that was in place before I came to power and will always be with the machine.  By this he showed that his campaign retorhic about “change” was just what American call “bull-shit”.  That is why Obama is stuck.  When President Obama paid tribute to Martin Luther King Jr just a week ago, he was being hypocritical. King had famously said that the US is the greatest purveyor of violence on earth.  The US public can and must push Obama and Congress to change just like they pushed previous politicians to get civil rights, women’s right to vote, ending the war on Vietnam, ending US support for Apartheid South Africa and more.

The fact remains that the most destabilizing country in the Middle East is the one that receives unconditional billions of US taxpayer money. It is the state that caused millions of refugees and that introduced weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons to the Middle East.  It is the state that used white phosphorous and depleted uranium on civilian populations.  It is the state that started five wars and that lobbied successfully to ge the US to go to wars in places like Iraq and Afghanistan that caused millions of lives lost and trillions of US taxpayer money spent. It is the state that fits all the criteria discussed in the International convention against the crimes of apartheid and racial discrimination.

The fact is that this latest Israel-inspired conflict is not about form of government in Syria. The US/Israel backed dictators in a dozen Arab countries are far, far worse than Bashar Assad of Syria. The fact remains that this is a clear attempt by the US through ist secretary of state under influence from the Zionist lobby and with the support of puppet rulers in the Arab world to liquidate the Palestinian cause.  The parameters of this are clear: liquidating Palestinian rights like the right of refugees to return to their homes and lands, limited Palestinian autonomy that Palestinian puppets can call a state in parts of the occupied West Bank in confederation with Jordan.  This will ensure the “Jewishness” of the apartheid state of Israel. Gaza would be relegated to Egyptian administration or continuing to manage it as one Israeli official said “by putting Gazan’s on a diet”.  To get this program through, resistance must be made to look futile.  Israel set-up a high-level ministerial committee to fight boycotts, divestment, and sanctions.  Israel told the US that the Hizballah-Syria-Iran axis must be destroyed. Potentially developing Arab countries will be broken up into sectarian and other conflicts (divide and conquer) beginning with Iraq.  They thought Syria is the next weak link that can be removed in the same way that Libya was disposed of. They underestimated the level of rejection to their demonic schemes of divide and conquer. 

What happened actually is the opposite. A strengthening block evolved starting in Iran, Iraq and Palestine and spreading globally.  The counter-revolutionary efforts are failing and in some cases getting the opposite effect of unifying and strengthening resistance.  The attempts by some to ignite sectarian strife in Lebanon failed miserably.  The positions of China, Russia, Venezuela and other governments came to reflect the international consensus of resisting US/Israeli hegemony.  No human being and no government can claim neutrality.  Neutrality is rather meaningless when there is such an evel attempt to dominate the world for the benefit of just a few people at the expense of millions. The vast majority of people in all countries (Palestine, USA, Britain, France, Russia, China etc) stand on one side of this against the Zionist attempts to drag the world into yet one more destructive conflict.  Clearly a win here is a win for Palestine and a win for all people of the world.

Before we talk about democracy in Syria, we must respect the fact that the vast majority of people on earth insist that Western governments respect their own citizens’ will instead of trying to smother them or shape them with propaganda or bypass them to serve the Israel lobby.  Before we talk about democracy in Syria, we must end apartheid in Israel, and end the repressive regimes supported by the US especially those in the oil producing Arab countries.  Perhaps this is the reason gulf states are pouring billions to fund murderers in the so called “Syrian rebels” (most of them turn out to be mercenaries).  It is the same reason that Netanyahu and Obama are both very nervous.  When the US/Israel program of liquidating the Palestinian cause and destroying Syria fails (and it will), all bets are off.  People stand up to tyranny and stand up for human rights and that is why governments (US, Israeli, Saudi Arabia, Turkey etc) are starting to panic.  They do have good reason to worry because people power is coming and each of us must be part of it.  We ask you to join the global intifada which will liberate oppressors and oppressed alike and create a better world for all. 


  1. We ALL have the right to be dumb... בְּ"הַ
    .... we ARE only human.

    I was hoping to get to sleep now, but some of this disturbs me....
    Mazin... I met you at the Al-Walaja demonstrations.

    Maybe a large part of your analysis makes sense, but I never really understand these things. Politics is garbage and ALL who touch it get filthy. Still that doesn't seem to stop many...

    But... when you dumb-down your words to try to arouse gut reactions from people that have never been on the fronts of these conflicts...
    Do you have definitions of your code-words, like "Zionism" & "Zionist" & “evil”? I'd be interested in what you are trying to say here.

    "Israeli-occupied US congress"??? You mention the "evil attempt to dominate"???
    I think that a lot of what you are trying to describe here has been going on in Human history for hundreds.. or thousands of years. That's why I ask for your definitions.

    If you want to say that Zionists Killed Julius Cesar, or bombed Hiroshima…
    I wouldn’t even use the world “evil” in describing the plans of the Nazis.
    I don’t want to make specific accusations of your intent here. I just want…. definitions.

    If the Nazis would have blamed “Zionist Bankers”, then would it have been okay with Auschwitz? After all… I’m sure there were at least a handful of Jewish bankers in Germany back then, and that they misused some of their money & power… BUT…. in comparison to the non-Jewish bankers at that time, it’s clear that it was politics.

    Obama & Bush are Zionist puppets? The US Congress too? Is it possible that they are just selfish & dumb & human? Definition! Human communication.
    Join the world intifada? AMEN! Topple Imperialism (or was it really the Zionists that convinced the Pharos to form empires… & the Chinese & Akkadian Empire & Ur III Empire…. You do know that these started, before there was Judaism?

    The Imperialists have no business spreading violence in places like Syria. That is clear.
    Maybe you are just too desperate to spout “output” and don’t care if anybody understands anything… but I got a different impression of you…
    Be well


  2. larrysweig's deepdenial / plausible-deniability cover-up story
    Does larrysweig really expect us to surrender so dumb as to believe there is not a definition of/for the word 'Zionism'?

    Why would larry lie to us?

    Is larry trying to pull the ol' proverbial cover-up routine:
    "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"


    zionism definition for kids

    BaseCamp Israel
    'System of Control' / Base Camp Israel | 'Model Of The Future'
    Subject: SEPT. 11, 1922 / 'Zionism' - 'vehicle' / 'Israel' - 'base camp'

    White House to Congress: 'Help protect Israel with attack on Syria'
    Our Enemies, The Israelis
    When will we wake up to the threat?
    more here:

    The Dark Side of the "Special Relationship"

    PressTV -
    'Israel threatened to take down World in Nuclear Armageddon'.

    ZioNatoUSA Funds Islamic Fundamentalists
    Zionist America Is Running the World's Largest Terrorist Operation

    Failure to Stand Up to Evil Leads to Insanity

    I suppose larry declares there is also no such thing as warcrime-lies/espionage, Treason, nor Islamaphobia?


    1. Treason by Members of the United States Congress

      Traitors in U.S. Congress Setting Zionist Pace Again
      'The Zionists' / 'Who Are The Zionists'?
      The Neocons' Project for the New American Century

      US Government Hostage to Israel?
      Proof Israel Controls the U.S. Congress

      The most important video of the 21st Century?
      Israel pushing for war with Syria
      Wes Clark - America's Foreign Policy "Coup"
      General Wesley Clark (ret.) reveals Bush Zioncon team plans to pillage 5 countries in 7 years
      The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
      The Neocons' Project for the New American Century

  3. "the US/Israel hegemony of British politics since WWII"?
    So that would mean that Gandhi really fought against Israel? The Falkland Islands... Israel again?
    Human definitions, please!

  4. Oh, other comments?
    Mazin, I ask myself if these are the kind of commentators that you want to attract? 6 or 7 or 100 links? and AccountabilityParty says he's the winner? He/she can't use a real name, and puts so much faith in the internet... but that is just an example of the sadness of the internet world...
    By the time this.... person... is finished attacking me, what will be left of your words?
    Human communication.

  5. dear 'larryzweig',
    Please discontinue misdirection routines [and hypocritical ad-homenim hypocrisy - as more misdirection per se]
    stay on current subject issue please

    Zionism does exist, 'larryzweig'; regardless of misdirection/denial routines!

    Zionism BaseCamp Israel's Ruthless-Victim Racket Routine Against Humanity
    Israel's Psychological Strategy:
    Invoking Past Trauma To Justify Inhumanity And Win Pity Points
    Israel behaving like Nazis
    The Israeli Nightmare
    Peace in Israel is the establishment's worst nightmare.
    Nobel Laureate: 'Israel is threat to world peace'
    "nuclear Israel and not Iran - presents threat to the world peace"
    Zionism Don't Want Peace!
    video - Gerald Kaufmann MP denounces Israel as Warcriminals and fools
    video - UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza/Palestine
    Divisive 'Clash-of-Civ' Hypocrisy No Longer Fooling

    Deny, Deny, Deny


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  7. I am waiting for Mazin to answer... to tell me what he means by Zionist here. If AccountabilityParty doesn't trust Mazin, or thinks that Mazin too dumb is, or if AccountabilityParty just wants to dictate here, then he can keep up with his never-ending listing of links.
    I just say that Mazin is not helping the Anti-Zionist and Anti-Imperialist and Pro-REAL-Democratic (not like the US & Europe, etc.) cause if he only throws out words like a typical politician and never takes the time to talk human-to-human.

  8. Hello Professor Mazin ;

    I vividly recommend that you read the last message of Cosmic Awareness channelled by Will Berlinghof on august 31st 2013 about the winds of change:

  9. Larry Zweig:
    For definition of Zionism read the last self definition that Zionists gave themselves (in their Jerusalem conference 1966)

    For other subjects you bring up to divert attention, I ask you to read books by Ilan Pappe, Marc Ellis, Israel Shahak, Noam Chomsky, Edwardf Said, Rashid Khalidi, and many others.

  10. Salamat Mazin....
    1st, I propose that what you & I want are, in principle, the same. Main (or and important) difference is that it is your world there... your life. At the ISM training (and also in the Rebel Clowns Army (CIRCA )) the internationalists learn that ISM is there ONLY in solidarity with the Palestinians. We do not tell them not to throw stones, we do not make any comments on what they are doing unless they ask.
    No matter how I might want to support you, for me it is only temporary. You have to actually live this all. I read your reports and am amazed at your strength, and saddened at the overwhelming force and growing inhumanity of the Zionists and their "friends". Much respect to you and your brothers & sisters worldwide.
    I think you are trying to communicate something with your writings too. YOU use the word Zionist, and you send me elsewhere to see YOUR definition???
    The term "only democracy in West Asia", supposedly supporting Israel. If I send you to the Oxford dictionary for the definition of "democracy", then it might just be that Israel is the only one... Palestine had democratic elections, but is not a "State", so technically speaking... but I am not trying to be technical.. I am trying to be human.
    For example, There is a dangerous increase of exchanging the term Anti-Semite for Anti-Zionist. It ends up rendering "Anti-Semite meaningless.
    For example, Black, in the dictionary, is not a COLOR. Black is the absence of color, the absorption of almost all the light that hits it. White is not a real COLOR either. But in this modern age we can have a black computer monitor that actually emits light. The truth is, that that black is not black.

    You can be tired (you certainly deserve a good rest), you can be angry, and you can write these things while you are those. You can publish pure emotion or try to plan to convince your readers intellectually and educationally.
    When you blame the whole world's problems on a stupidity that is only 100 years old, then I think you lose support in the end. Oh, there are others that come and praise you and quote you, but they might just be spreading anger more than justice, and they might give up quickly.

    I should read Pappe? How do you think Pappe got his ideas & information? He didn't have Pappe to read.
    If you think that justice is something you can learn through the internet, that is one thing. If your child asks you what justice is, and you sit him/her at the computer and say, look for yourself, and you cannot manage to actually SPEAK from your heart... to communicate human-to-human, then there is a good chance that that child will end up a "Super-Master" in the "Death-Star-Empires" internet game, but there is a good chance that the child will just come out with George W. Bush's definition of justice.

    AccountabilityParty (and You?) somehow assume that I want to defend Zionism in any way, just because I asked you for a definition... your definition?

    Human communication. You do accept that there really was a time that verbal diarrhea wasn't so common?
    Human words should be treasured and not wasted (although it is human to waste them).
    Humans should be treasured and not wasted although it is typical for the millions of us to look away and spout lots of words while the Power-Mongers (which includes Zionists), Imperialists (which includes Zionists), Fascists (which includes Zionists), Nationalists (which includes Zionists), Ethnic-Cleansers (which includes Zionists) and just plain selfish people (which also includes Zionists) continue to do what they do, even though they didn't read Herzl....

  11. Salam Mazin,
    I’m sorry if I am not giving you enough time to respond to my entries here, but I have gotten the feeling that you’ve decided that I am trying to sabotage your page here. The one time you did respond was in few words and almost none of them your own.. The response,
    “Mr. Zweig, you are ignorant, go and read and get informed.”
    …. well that isn’t even your style! (?)

    So I look further while waiting for a response, and I look around your Blogs…
    Under “Lies and Truths” I find a link to further information…
    So I follow the link and start reading…. and there I find this,

    “…One of the first things you find out is that it's important to get our definitions right. Terms like Jew and Hebrew are thrown around a lot in these histories, and they're not the same thing. ...”

    So I ask you again…. what is YOUR definition of Zionist? You've thrown it around a lot in this entry.

    By-the-way... I think I can also give MY definition of "Zionist".... if somebody wants to discuss....

  12. I know that you are doing some great stuff, and that nobody can do it all...
    but if you are putting up Walls of ignorance, well then maybe it's YOU with the problem with Zionist tendencies.