May 10, 2012


"We did not go into the battle because we love to be hungry or in pain, but for our dignity and the dignity of our nation," Thaer Halahlef, 33 from Hebron, 73 days on Hunger strike

Dignity is such a word that makes us shudder.  We Palestinians want our leaders and political leaders around the world to show a fraction of the dignity shown by Thaer and his comrades.  Dignity.  Self respect. Honor. Independence that begins with freeing our minds from mental occupation.  Dignitry is what we 11.2 million Paslestinians seek on the eve of the Nakba.  5.6 million Palestinians live in historic Palestin; 1.4 million of whom are within the 1948 occupied areas and 4.2 million in the 1967 occupied areas. 

Friday will be a day full of events around the world in solidarity with the hunger strikers and in memorizing the Nakba.  Look in your area fora  nearby event. Here in the Bethlehem district, we will gather in Al Walajeh Friday 11 May 2012 at 12:00 (by the mosque at the entrance of the village). 

This Week in Palestine Nakba issue includes a seriers of brilliant and unexpected articles: You can download PDF here
They also included my book on Popular Resistance in Palestine as book of the month
And from Dr. AbedAlfattah Abusrour a great article on Beautiful Resistance
Abed is in the US now on a speaking tour:

For the first time since 1948 the children and grandchildren of the refugees can see their homeland from which their fathers were expelled. When they tried to return in 1948, they were shot dead as 'infiltrators'.
Now the father and his children can see Palestine as it was in 1948. They can fly over it, but only in preparation for the day when they will actually walk over its soil and recover their patrimony.
Click this link:

International Red Cross: Lives of Palestinian detainees on hunger strike in danger
Palestinian Prisoners near Death

Rabbis tour and make prayers in Sidon Synagogue (Lebanon) now housing a Palestinian refugee family

South African student leader, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi on Palestine

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