Mar 23, 2012

Faith under occupation

Need Volunteers: We need media and other volunteers for upcoming critical events including the Global March to Jerusalem and the Welcome to Palestine Campaign (see below for links).  We especially need volunteers in the West Bank.  All levels of skills and knowledge would be appreciated.  Send a brief description of your background and availability to

We just had the book launch of "Faith Under Occupation: The Plight of Indiginous Christians in the Holy Land" in Beit Sahour
 "Palestinian Christians are one of the most misrepresented and poorly understood groups in the Middle East. In this study by Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI), they tell their own story of life under an occupation that discriminates against all Palestinians, regardless of their faith. " You can download the PDF file here and use it in your advocacy and outreach (especially to churches):

Global March to Jerusalem 30 March 2012: Delegations and volunteers are assembling in various bordering countries and mass movements in Palestine is materializing.  If you are unable to join us in Palestine or along the borders, join or organize events in your cities (particularly at Israeli embassies and consulates)

Welcome to Palestine 2012: Over 1500 have already purchased tickets from Europe alone and we expect many more to arrive for a  week of activities beginning April 15.  Join us as stand together Internationas and Palestinians for peace, nonviolence, freedom of movement, and solidarity with those struggling to stay in their land. (email to help or for more info:

UN Report: The Humanitarian Impact of the Takeover of Palestinian Water Springs by Israeli Settlers

United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), was "appalled" by Israel’s racial segregation policies and that an advanced version of an upcoming CERD report indicates that racial prejudice can be found in almost every facet of Israeli life.

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  1. Dear prof. Qumsiyeh:
    It is really a privilege for me to get to know what a culture you are to our Palestinian cause. I am an Arab American who lived for over 4 decades in USA, and decided to spend the rest of my life here in Amman and travelling often to visit with my sister in Jerusalem, our Family home at the Christian Quarter. My email is: and if you visit Amman, please feel free to call me at 0779956094 Mobile. Keep the good work going..cordially, Emil Khoury