Jan 3, 2012

I am sick of

The end of the world is Dec 21, 2012 according to the Mayan Calendar being  the year 5125.  I do not know about that but I do know that the window of opportunity to end the world of privilege and chosenness is quickly closing and we must have enough people involved in speaking truth to power and finally removing this power from the elites.  The alternative is deterioration into a real end of world scenario where humans are on each other’s throats fighting over remnant natural resources depleted and destroyed by greed.  To get an idea of how crazy this world can be just listen to US presidential contenders falling over each other to support Israeli apartheid and racism and promise more wars (this time on Iran).  Is this little blue planet worth saving?  There are millions of other planets after all.  If your answer is yes, then you belong to one of two groups of people: activists who do something about their conviction or apathetic people that do not act on their convictions.

Orwellian interlude: Israeli forces confiscated speakers from a Jaffa mosque because of a complaint about the noise of the call to prayer from the neighbor of the mother of the Israeli foreign minister (the Moldavian bar bouncer)

Below are videos about Palestinian life as it existed before it was targeted for destruction by Zionists, video by Palestinians “sick of..”, video of why the West hates Arabs, video of Israeli soldiers’ treatment of Palestinian natives at checkpoints.  Also there are videos of good actions against Israeli blood diamonds.  Below are also opinions about US policies and our individual responsibility going forward.

Palestinian people- photographs of life before Zionism worked to destroy it

I am sick of….63 years of Nakba
Palestinian Refugees at the Human Rights March in Tel Aviv !!!!

[must see] Israeli soldiers treatment of Palestinians at checkpoints

An example of a great action: Boycott Israeli Blood Diamonds info stalls in Cork and Dublin 11-12-2011

Living in the shadow of the Wall
Bethlehem residents can only watch as the Israeli Wall surrounds the town and slowly chokes the life out of it http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2011/12/2011122782553652882.html

For this reason the west hates Arabs

Imagine armed Chinese troops in Texas
Ron Paul’s “What If” speech

An “Historic Partnership” With The Devil – An Analysis (29 December 2011) by Lawrence Davidson  [scroll to assay 1 from Prof. Davidson to read about how New York and Cornell are supporting apartheid]

To be Consequent as an Internationalist New Year 2012

Updated upcoming Events of my tour (US, Italy, Belgium, Amsterdam)

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Striving to "Stay Human"

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