Sep 24, 2013

Obama and Abbas

(much of this information was sent in Arabic also to a large list of key leaders)

President Barak Obama  said in the middle of his 40 minutes of lies and hypocrisy at the UNGA as world leaders looked on in dismay: “With respect to Syria, we believe that as a starting point, the international community must enforce the ban on chemical weapons.” (The US and Israel both possess and have used chemical weapons, see below) and added “Although we will at times be accused of hypocrisy and inconsistency [!], we will be engaged in the region for the long haul” [to serve Israel].  Incredibly he also said he believed in American "exceptionalism" [white man's burden]. Hypocritically he also mentioned Martin Luther King Jr. But MLK opposed American imperialism and exceptionalism and who said in a speech in 1968: “God didn't call America to do what she's doing in the world now. God didn't call America to engage in a senseless, unjust war ….. We have committed more war crimes almost than any nation in the world.”[we still do]

In my trip to Poland two weeks ago, I challenged Mr. Robert Wexler, a life-long Israeli-apologist who was a US Congressman and now runs a Zionist non-governmental organization.  I also asked him “if indeed you did not effectively work for AIPAC, why did you vote yes for every single AIPAC bill in your 18 years in Congress including all the bills promoting US wars for Israel?”  He did not have an answer.  Wexler is being groomed to be the next Jewish Zionist who will take over as a “peace envoy” in the endless peace process [industry].  Yet we learn that Mr. Abbas [term long expired, disdained by Palestinians not employed by his authority] chose to elevate Mr. Wexler by having him host a meeting with right-wing Jewish American establishment figures to "reassure them."  What did Mr. Abbas tell the gathered pro-apartheid leaders? As documented by notes to reporters handed out by Mr. Wexler’s outfit, Mr. Abbas:

- condemned the killing of two Israeli occupation/apartheid soldiers who were enforcing occupation and apartheid

- said that he had agreed to resume negotiations by Israeli conditions (suspension of going to UN agencies for basic human rights of the Palestinians).

- he begged the audience and the Israeli government to work to stop settlement "expansion" (previously he had said we will not go back to negotiations without this). These colonies are actually a crime against humanity per International law (see ruling of the International Court of Justice).

- he said that six of his eight grandchildren attended “seeds of peace” program with Israeli youth (an outfit normalizing occupation)

- he repeated his mantra that the 2000-2005 intifada was “wrong”. This was latest of 14 uprisings against the brutal colonization of Palestine ( international law supports resistance to occupation by all means).

- he stated that the US is the key to the “peace process”[industry].  The US administration continues to give billions to support Israeli apartheid and to have Mr. John Kerry lead this “process” (who also voted in the Senate strongly for AIPAC bills).  President Obama focused his speech at the UN and his policies to protect his paymasters in Tel Aviv by lie after lie.

Mr. Abbas DID NOT MEET with even one of the tens of thousands of Jewish anti-Zionists in America.  He did not even meet with moderate Jewish organizations like “Jewish Voice for Peace” or any of the key organizations that support human rights (like the US campaign against the Occupation or Al-Awda).

I think every Arab with dignity must read the speeches of global leaders at the United nations including the president of Brazil (who devoted half her talk to chastise the US for its illegal spying) and the US president who lied at just about every other sentence of his lengthy speech.

Even though we may disagree with some world leaders, we see many who did not grovel and beg for their people’s rights from the United States (of Israel!?).  History will judge harshly those politicians who lied and sold the people’s rights.

Final thought: I wish more world leaders talk about nuclear and chemical stockpiles in Israel and the US.  It is time to either wrestle the UN out of the grip of the US or reform the USA so that it is no longer dominated by the Israel lobby.

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Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

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