Sep 30, 2011

This Week in Palestine

In today's news letter: events, good news, bad news, good articles and commentary.

Events: Taybeh Oktoberfest today and tomorrow and demonstration in Beit Ummar today (Saturday) at 1 PM. Last week, we attended a number of events including a wonderful play called "Handala" at Al-Rowwad in Aida Refugee Camp that is about our current reality

A British High Court determined Friday evening that the arrest of Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the Islamic Movement in 1948 Palestine, upon landing in the United Kingdom two months ago, was illegal, and as such, Salah is eligible to receive compensation from the state.  This ruling comes after the British removed a law that allowed prosecution of war criminals in British courts.  Thus the back and forth between truth/justice and the Israel lobby influence in England continues.  In other lobby news, President Obama and many politicians in sending greetings to Jews for the new year developed the horrible habit of linking it to support for Israel as if Judaism and Zionism are the same,  If Apartheid Israel is indeed a Jewish project and is linked to Judaism, Judaism is in deep trouble. I wrote to one politician to say "Do you issue statements on Muslim Holidays referring to unshakable commitments to any Islamic majority country? On a Buddhist Holiday to unshakable commitment to Japan? On Christmas for unshakable commitment to Britain? Why the hypocrisy and double standard? And what about the millions of Jews who do not care about Israel or consider it an apartheid state, does your message relate to them?".  I could have gone further and stated: "would it have been acceptable on Christmas for an American politician to send greeting to Christians saying that he has unshakable commitment to Christian Nazi Germany"?  Someday this Greek tragedy will end and all people will look back and shake their heads in amazement at this absurdity.

I shared with you before some excellent articles published in the phenomenal monthly called “This Week in Palestine".  There themes every month are different and include an ssemblage of articles accompanied by great photography and a highly efficient and pleasing layout in the print edition.  This month the theme is on celebrations.  I was asked to write one of the articles: Where commemoration meets celebration. This Week in Palestine, October 2011

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Australian activists put Palestine travel ban on trial

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