Aug 28, 2011

Demo in Al-Walaja, September legal issue and more

Yesterday for 3 hours, we had a standoff with the Israeli soldiers.  This demonstration on Saturday was the first after the Israeli court ruling legitimizes the theft of Al-Walaja land.  The Israeli apartheid soldiers tried to stop the demonstrators with an outdated military order in Hebrew dated August 26, 2011.  After this act of deceit was caught, the soldiers quickly produced an updated military order but it too was no good carrying a date of August 28, 2011, a day after the demonstration.  The Israeli apartheid soldiers tried to prevent us but we got close to the illegal colony Har Gilo.  Four Israeli human rights advocates and one Palestinian were abducted.

The internet is abuzz about the September bid at the UN for an upgrade in the status of Palestine.  There are many arguments on all sides being presented.  Even international legal experts differ, Guy Goodwin-Gill holds a very negative opinion about going to the UN while Francis Boyle a very positive one (Abdullah Abu Eid, a Palestinian legal expert holds a somewhat intermediary position).  Some points are convincing to some of us and some not.  The discussions are getting intense but in actuality are coming a bit too late. It is not clear that the opinions offered will affect the course going forward since no mechanism exists for Mr. Mahmoud Abbas to seek and receive input in a democratic and open way.  What would have helped would be an open democratic decision making process at the PLO.  The Palestinian National Council should have been revived democratically as agreed to three times already in discussions between the factions.  If the PNC had been constituted, a real discussion among Palestinians would have happened that address these existential issues like whether to go to the UN or not and more importantly how to move before and after such events to ensure success regardless of the decision we collectively make.  No real discussion of these issues was possible or allowed in the structure of Oslo.  It is that lack of rational and democratic decision making since Oslo (intentional) that really harms the cause of Palestine.

I think a similar issue exists in Libya.  Many people are taking sides: pro Gaddafi or pro-"Transitional Council" (the rebel leadership).  But neither really represents Libya or Libyan interests.  Gaddafi is (was) a brutal eccentric dictator.  The rebel leadership is self-appointed (or worse appointed by Western Powers) and created a structure that used NATO to topple Gaddafi and seem to be moving in the direction of a Libya that would give Libya's oil to Western interests.  No democracy was allowed in Libya during transition so what makes us believe that it would be allowed after the transition to the new government.

 KZYX Radio interview: Prof. Qumsiyeh comments critically on Palestinian statehood resolution; on PA’s failure to consult PLO and the people themselves in decision making process; on negative consequences of Oslo agreement; how the status quo benefits military-dominated Israel; on importance of Palestinian refugee issue and its neglect by PA; on influence of Zionist lobby and its negative impact on US, e.g., billions in aid and war with Iraq; on positive prospects for Palestine in post-Mubarak Egypt

Leaked documents: NATO mulls marriage with Apartheid Israel

[Amazing video] Mother Earth: She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying for.

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