Jul 25, 2011

Yes men and more

It is amazing how the spin media continues to spin.  After the atrocity in Norway, they were quick to blame "Muslim terrorists". Then suddenly silence when it became clear that the attacker espoused Zionist and ultra-right views against Muslims, against Palestinians and against "multiculturalism".  In fact hardly any mainstream bnewspaper reported that the Utoya Island youth camp targeted by this criminal had signs for "boycott Israel".  No mainstream media used the language used when such a person happen to come from a Muslim background.  We did not hear terms like "Christian Terrorist" or "Norwegian fanatic" or even "Zionist terrorist". *

Here in the real world where spin does not go far, home demolitions continue and racism cannot be hidden by fig leafs of spin language.  Here many Palestinian and Israeli politicians surround themselves with "yes men" that nod their heads at all pronouncements of those on power.  Forming a ring around these "leaders" and facing only each other, the real world fades into the background and the "make-belief" world becomes the only available image of reality.  Mirrors, fog, and magic replace objectivity.  In Ramallah, Jerusalem, and Tel-Aviv, there is no place for Al-Walaja, Al-Araqib, Atwani, Awarta, or Jib Theib.  There seems to be no place for ordinary hungry, destitute people in places where meals are served in nice hotel rooms.  But people (including politicians) must wake-up as the charade of indecency is exposed and the last curtain is lifted and the last nail in the coffin of the infamous Oslo accords is hammered (likely this September!).  Perhaps then, more people will join us in working to ensure an end to apartheid and, not merely a vague "Palestinian state" in parts of the West Bank and Gaza but for a free Palestine from the river to the sea.  Then we will enter the difficult but essential work of building a democratic state for all its people (Jews, Christian, Muslim, other). 

PS: Al-Bab cultural group will review my Arabic book on popular resistance (meeting open but is in Arabic) Tuesday at 5 PM in Al-Rowwad center, Aida Refugee Camp. 

100 Hours In Israeli Detention
Earlier this month, dozens of international activists spent 4 days in an Israeli prison for simply stating their desire to visit Palestine.

There is so much more for us to do to educate our communities about the Israeli blockade of Gaza, the apartheid walls in the West Bank, the illegal settlements and other colonial activities.  Organize your own flotilla in a lake near your home that rents little boats--this film is from Madrid, Spain-taking over the lake with boats with Palestinian flags!  http://www.youtube.com/user/maritacassan#p/u/3/ysEA5XfM6Hk

Report: Israeli killed in New Zealand earthquake was Mossad agent (note the Jewish Zionist prime minister of New Zealand covered it up in the same way the US government covered up the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty) http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/report-israeli-killed-in-new-zealand-earthquake-was-mossad-agent-1.374109

South African Theologian Farid Esack Open Letter to the Palestinian People written on the Apartheid wall

 Israel Rules Out Non-Violence: The Method in Netanyahu's Madness By JONATHAN COOK

Demonstrations to stop US collaboration and aid to the Israeli apartheid regime (Sept 10 White house, Set 15 UN) http://www.facebook.com/pages/STOP-USAid-to-Israel/222256727814644

[great analysis] The grumpy diplomats of the rogue state by Ilan Pappe

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