Jan 13, 2019


Factoid 1: in the 2003 US/Israel supported (but never implemented) “Road map to peace” consisting of 2172 word, we find NO (zero) mention of human rights or international law (missing!). We do find 29 mentions of ‘security’ (for the oppressor not the Palestinian victims) and ten mentions of terrorism or terror (never used for Israeli terrorism only supposed native Palestinian ‘terror’ (which is actually Palestinian resistance sanctioned by International law!). It was likely drafted by the lobby.

Factoid 2: US Secretary of state Pompeo gave a lengthy speech (3593 words) in Cairo. We find no mention of human rights or international law (missing). He mentioned Iran over 30 times (negatively), Israel 13 times (positively), Palestine zero times, and 11 mentions of terrorism or terror (never used for State terrorism). It was likely drafted by the lobby.

Factoid 3: Legal cases are beginning to be taken against unconstitutional laws and executive orders pushed by the Israel lobby to protect Israel from BDS campaigns in the USA. Below are four examples from MD, AK, AZ, and TX. We encourage others and we encourage federal lawsuits.

Factoid 4: Israeli and Israeli-Occupied US foreign policy in the Arab world are in disarray. Their puppets and tails are in retreat (including Al-Qaeda and ISIS and other terrorist groups). Dictators and fascists like Netanyahu and Sisi and Bin Salman and others are increasingly realizing that killing more innocent civilians in Gaza, Sinai, or Yemen will not help keep them in power. Gulf leaders who normalize with apartheid Israel are also coming to see that this is not more important than listening to their own people who reject colonialism and fascism. 2019 is already promising to be a bit better than 2018.

Supplementary factoid: US media dominated by Zionist forces ignore news like the above or that Israel culture minister said she supports fascism (and it is part of Israeli culture) or that Israel/Zionism has done 1000 more times than Russia in interference in US elections and getting people in power whose loyalty is more to Israel than their own country (so called Democrats and Republicans alike). They should be called out on it. But I still feel sorry for Zionists. Colonial Zionists suffer from pathology that needs treatment. Even if the world ignores (and it will not) the horrors of attacks on innocent people or on peaceful demonstrations (in 100 years of colonialism over 100,000 natives were killed so on average 1000/year) and all the ethnic cleansing of Palestine (7.5 million refugees or displaced people) or the 800,000 Palestinians who spent time as political prisoners or the 500 + Palestinian villages and town erased. A friend remarked that “if they [Zionists] knew how to use life they would not even rob it from others ….[and thus generate] serious and deep resentment.” Knowning many Zionists who are liberal on so many subjects and support human rights and international law and order in all areas EXCEPT Palestine tells us something about this pathology. It explains why Zionists destroyed millions of native Palestinian trees and yet planted a monoculture of European pine trees (environmentally devastating) or why they dverted te Jordan valley water and destroyed a great ecosystem for a propaganda project called “Israel National Water Carrier” and the myth of “making deserts green” Palestine has always been Green and part of the Fertile Crescent long before Zionists destroyed it), or bombing sewage treatment and electrical facilities in Gaza and allows sewage to be dumped into the Mediterranean.


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